A True Story of Perception

The setting: A chic, high-end designer boutique.
The atmosphere: Sleek, trendy and cool. Glossy black walls frame the colorful collection of clothing, heels, handbags and other accessories.
My Life: Unhappily married, no children, and a part-time job.
I stand and stare, never daring to enter. I admire the perfectly dressed, ebony mannequins. Footage of runway shows airs on the large screen t.v. just inside the window. I am completely mesmerized.
How am I perceived?
Shy, insecure, frightened, lonely.
My perception of this store is that it is off-limits and unattainable.

The Following Year
Same setting / Same Atmosphere
My Life:
New Husband, New Baby, New Responsibilities (running a business with my husband).
I have gained enough confidence to actually step foot inside this wondrous boutique! My heart races as I touch the clothing. What are these sizes? 42? 40? I don’t understand. No one approaches me. I’m here, yet invisible. The staff are indifferent as I depart.
How am I perceived?
Curious, bold, naive.
This visit changes my perception. I CAN enter, and I CAN touch.

2 Years Later
Same setting / Same Atmosphere

My Life:
Happily Married, 2nd Baby Arrives, Business is Booming.
I am now FULL of confidence. I’ve strolled in and out of designer boutiques throughout the city. During this particular visit, the added bonus is that my best friend is visiting. Arm in arm, we admire the latest collection. We stop in front of a particularly beautiful piece, the little black dress lined in silk animal print. Something happened this day that had never happened before. We were approached! Yes, Ricardo made his way over to see if we needed assistance. My size: 46 or 48, in stock just off the main floor. Knock me over with a feather! I AM TRYING ON THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS! The staff is no longer too busy or uninterested as they bring me shoes, purses and little jackets attempting to complete the look.
How am I perceived?
Emboldened, confident.

My perception of this store has now changed 180 degrees.
What changed? My perception of self.



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6 responses to “A True Story of Perception

  1. Jean,
    Funny I ran into this blog tonight on your twitter page. I think a lot of my problem with my lack of a special gift or talent is exactly my self perception. For a while I was on a roll and felt upbeat, confident, and satisfied. I don’t know what’s happened as of late. It’s not that I’m depressed and I certainly don’t want to have or convey a negative attitutde about myself. I think I just need to get back on track. Glad I came across this.
    Btw…you look fabulous in that black dress and I love your hair long! I really do see confidence when I look at you 🙂

    • You are so sweet, Sherri.
      I had brought my posts over my MS, but kept all of them private until tonight when I released just this one.
      I’m so glad it spoke to you.
      You are an amazing woman, and most certainly have a gift.

  2. Love love love this post! very pretty woman!
    it reminds me of a great comment on my latest (controversial) post (for the record i do love clothes)
    “know who you are before you get dressed in the morning”.
    You feel fabulous so you are fabulous.
    good on you


    • Thank you for compliments, MarketingToMilk. I’m deeply touched by your sentiments.
      As I was telling Sherri (above), I brought over my posts from MySpace, but kept them private until now.
      I enjoyed your blog post today. Just came from there.

  3. Sunny Wishes She Were Shopping

    OMG! This is your best blog yet!!! I remember taking that photo and I remember that dress (and the incredible dinner that followed). You’re beautiful beyond belief on the inside and out! I’m glad you’re feeling more confident and deserving because in my eyes you’ve always been the person I admire the most. Thanks for this great read and for sharing! Love you!

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