Christmas Shopping

Good morning! Yesterday I drove to Vegas to get my hair done and to Christmas shop.
New doo. Sorry for the serious bed-head.

At the House of Blues, I found the coolest gifts for my best friend, Joy, and her husband Cimber. They don’t read my blog, so it’s safe to post a couple pics here without ruining the surprise.

Blues Brothers bowling shirt and Day of the Dead cross.

I think Cimber wears bowling shirts 24/7, and Joy is really into skulls and crosses.
At Nordstrom, I stopped by the Lancome counter to pick up some makeup remover. While there, I asked if they had any rollerball lipgloss. Reminds me of my youth. Do you remember those flavored rollerball lipglosses? Well, they’re back… but all sold out. They did have the regular old wand lipgloss, and the colors are fantastic, so I bought one.

Lancome’s Color Fever Gloss in Aflame

I was also low on mascara, so I asked about that. The lady said, Sit down. I want to put some on you. So I sat down. Do you know what she produced? The vibrating mascara! She pushed the button, and began massaging my lashes. It felt oddly good, until she poked me in the eye! I kid you not! You all warned me it was an accident waiting to happen, and it sure as hell was! Ok, so after cleaning up the tears and smudges, I had to admit, my lashes looked MUCH longer! So, I actually bought the mascara. It does have a dual purpose. It’s a mascara, and a vibrator that leaves your pubes looking luxurious. Har har har!

When the lady poked me in the eye and apologized, I said, It’s ok. Why do we say it’s ok when it really isn’t? If she had warned me beforehand, I’m going to gouge your eye out with this vibrating applicator. Are you alright with that? I’d certainly have said, No. Are you out of your mind?

Let me get some more coffee in me. Have an awesome Saturday!


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