Childhood Toys

My friend, Lisa King tagged me to list 10 Toys, TV Shows, or Movies from my childhood that I really liked. I’m so lucky that my parents actually saved some of my childhood toys. Here are the toys of my past.

The Dolls
Let’s start with the main doll, Barbie herself! I’m not sure which year these two Barbie’s came out (seen on top of the Barbie Camper). They are joined by Disco Ken, Blythe (with her original pink wig), the Bionic Woman, and Donny Osmond.

Of course, when you have the dolls, you need a place to keep them. Thus, the cases.

We cooked with Barbie in the Karosel Kitchen for hours!

We put batteries in it, and it still works after all these years!

Let’s get to the smaller dolls. May I introduce the Rock Flowers. Apparently, the dolls can stand on top of the record while it’s spinning. I don’t remember if I ever tried that.

Here are my big baby dolls from the 60’s.

As I got a little older, Crissy, Shirley, and Tiffany joined my doll family.

Crissy’s hair could grow with a push of her belly-button, and Tiffany’s hair could change color by rotating her scalp.
These are just a few of the paperdolls that I cherish(ed).

I could stare inside my View-Master and escape into the fantasy world of Snow White or The Jungle Book.

Actual slide from Snow White.

Actual slide from Jungle Book

Honorable Mention
These are the toys I no longer own, but spent much of my youth enjoying them.
Silly Putty



Which Witch Board Game

Please feel free to self-tag!
Thanks for reading!


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