Forget Photoshop, Let’s Drink!

How To: Make a Michelata

I want to thank Jim for suggesting this topic, my sister, SimplySunny for sharing this recipe with me, and ShamrockMoon for sending me my awesome swizzle sticks.

VideoPress Video

• Beer
• Lime
• Ice
• Margarita Salt

1) Rub lime wedge around top of tall glass.
2) Rub glass rim in margarita salt.
3) Squeeze lime into glass.
4) Drop lime wedges into glass.
5) Add ice.
6) Pour in beer.
7) Stir
8) DRINK ::: cheers :::

What will you be drinking this Memorial Day weekend?

Thanks for reading!



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4 responses to “Forget Photoshop, Let’s Drink!

  1. I’m not a big drinker, Jean… but i’m happy to see you in video form i’ll tell you that!

    I lift my 2:30 am Pepsi up in a toast to you.


  2. Yay, Jeff! You’re my 1st comment…. ever! Can you play the audio at 2:30am? It’d wake a sleepy head in my house for sure.

  3. Matt Kansas

    Hey girl!! I book Marked ya.. I am so gonna check this out… We may be blog sisters on wordpress soon! LOL

  4. Hurray, Matt’s here! My sister from another mother. Let me know when you’re up & running! Looking forward to it.

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