How To: Make a Vodka Lemonade

How To: Make a Vodka Lemonade

I’m trying my hand at Video Blogging again!  This time I’m sharing our recipe for a lemonade cocktail.


• Crystal Light Pink Lemonade
• Ice
• Fresh Strawberries
• Orange-flavored vodka

Add ice to a tall glass.  Top with 2 halved strawberries.  Cover with lemonade.  Add 1 shot of flavored vodka.  Stir and enjoy.

Did you hear about the Bacon flavored vodka?!

Bakon Vodka

It’s currently available in Washington and Oregon, and is a key ingredient in Bakon Marys and Bakon Chocolate Martinis.

The combination of bacon and chocolate sounds good, like the candy bar Vosges in Vegas offers.  I think I’d mix hot cocoa with the bacon vodka and top with marshmallows or whipped cream. 

Speaking of candy, our daughter is attending 2 weeks of Candy Camp.  It’s offered through her school.  In the mornings, they make candy, and in the afternoons, they have their regular corriculum.  Yesterday she made chocolate covered pretzels, and today she made rice krispy treats.  I’m excited to see what she’ll bring home next.

Alright, the kids are cha-cha’ing all over the house.  I’d better go chase them around.  Where’d I leave my cocktail?

Thanks for reading!

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