Spongebob Impersonation

Here it is! The much anticipated Spongebob Impersonation video! Yes, Patrick, Squidward, and even Sandy make an appearance. I apologize in advance for sticking my chest in your face at the end there. Maybe it will earn me more brownie points though.

Comments are welcome. Be kind!

You could also leave an anonymous opinion thanks to poll daddy!

Who or what do you impersonate?

Thanks for reading!



Filed under Humor

2 responses to “Spongebob Impersonation

  1. Very very good inpersonation.
    If you sounded less feminine, you would have it 100% perfect. But that’s not something you can help can you?

    Anyway I am 100% amazed at your talent. You must get to entertain your daughter alot.

  2. LOL! I can’t help it. Thank you! You’re so kind. Yes, I get asked to read the Spongebob Comics quite a bit. I should have thrown in my Gary the Snail impersonation! He’s a breeze!

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