Mini-Challenge #3: Blog Link PLUS JEWELS

Mini-Challenge #3: GIVE went well. I gave away 5 out of 7 PhotoShop User magazines. If you are interested in receiving one of the remaining mags, Click Here.

Accepting the challenge is Rissy’s Jewels. Follow the link for entry rules. Three lucky winners will choose from a wide selection of fun jewelry valued up to $15.00. Here are some pieces I have my eye on.

Since we’re on the topic, let’s talk jewelry. Aside from my wedding ring and stud earrings, I wear little jewelry. A couple of years ago when our financial situation was better, I invested in a few playful pieces that I truly adore.

Elizabeth Brady

Bamboo and semiprecious stone bangles.

Robyn Rhodes

The *Rita* Necklace as seen on HBO’s Entourage and on me.

Victoria Wieck

Citrine and White Topaz cocktail ring.

• What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?
• Is jewelry for every day or special occasions?
• Do you notice when others are wearing jewels?

Thanks for reading!



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7 responses to “Mini-Challenge #3: Blog Link PLUS JEWELS

  1. 1. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend… So the bigger than diamond, the more you should love it.

    2.Jewelry is for every day. Excess and “special” jewelery is for special occasions.

    3. Don’t know if this applies to all woman (I know my sister is a total geek is drools over camera attachments rather than Jewelery any day of the year) but I’ve noticed how mum always notes every single detail about other woman. What type of car they drive(car keys). What type of dress they have on. What brand of handbag is it? Is it real? (she supposedly can tell at a glance). What jewelery one is wearing (eg, watch, ring, etc). Anywhere I’d go with her, she’d point out for example that that lady has a bigger diamond on her ring or that person’s LV is fake unlike hers or that person’s Rolex is $1k cheaper than hers.

  2. great blog keep up the good work

  3. I don’t have a lot of jewelry, but I do notice it. Not really the diamonds so much as the cool necklaces I see on women on TV or in movies. 🙂 I work with all men in an IT department, so I guess that’s the only dressed up women I see, LOL. That necklace looks great on your, btw!

  4. Damn it – I meant the necklace looks good on YOU, not YOUR. Middle-aged eyes here.

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