Fruit and Friendship

Thursday the timing was right to check out the Henderson Nevada Farmers’ Market. My only previous experience with a Farmers’ Market was back in the early nineties, attending a bountiful one in picturesque Walnut Creek, California.

Walnut Creek Farmer’s Market

Wanting to avoid Henderson’s forecasted high of 106 degrees, I arrived fairly early around 10:30 a.m. Google Maps worked perfectly, and although the Events Plaza has a parking garage across the street, I chose street parking.

At first glance, the sprawling concrete patio sparsely dotted with tents, didn’t impress.

Since pickings looked slim, I left my portable cooler and fabric tote in my car, grabbed my purse, and made my way to the tents. Oh no! Not infomercial items!! I didn’t want a self-casting fishing pole, lotions, potions, hot sauce or shaved ice. I wanted fresh fruit grown locally! Only two vendors offered such. The first had melons and tomatoes. The second had pluots, plums, grapes, and strawberries. The helpful sales lady bagged my fruits, but when I asked her to follow me to the vegetable portion of her display, she didn’t budge. Fine. The fruit came to a whopping total of $12.00.

On the plus side, the fruit was tasty, and I helped local farmers. Right? Off I went to my next destination, Trader Joe’s.

Oh gosh, talk about your fresh fruit! Sorry, Farmers’ Market. Next time I’m heading straight to Trader Joe’s!
I grabbed a package of pomegranate seeds, two bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, and two varieties of cheese. Tom and I sampled the cheeses last night. The New Zealand Grass Fed Cheddar was fantastic! Mild, salty, flavorful and pungent. I highly recommend!

Noon was fast approaching, and I was fortunate enough to have a lunch date.

Ring! Ring!


Hi Jean, it’s Anje! Guess what? The twins are napping, so I’ll be solo.

Yes, I was having lunch with none other than Wonder Writer from MySpace. Anje is my hero for several reasons; she’s a loving wife, mother of four, writer of exceptional blogs, a successful business woman, a positive influence, and a private person. She is a beautiful soul with an instant smile and infectious laugh. Do you know what really cinched it for me? Cocktails and dessert! Those little pleasures that don’t always accompany a meal were easily embraced by the two of us.

• What’s your opinion of Farmers’ Markets?
• Is Trader Joe’s da bomb?
• Are you free for lunch?



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6 responses to “Fruit and Friendship

  1. I LOVE trader Joes. the fruit is way less expensive at our Farmer’s markets here in KS. I’m a natural foodie so I love to try new food as long as I don’t have to cook, lol.

    • Oh man, this fruit was double what I’d pay in the store. I was looking for that star fruit for my youngest daughter. She saw it one night on t.v. and wondered what it was.
      It’s pretty rare when I cook too. Once a week is good for me.

  2. I love farmer’s markets but sometimes they do get pricey. Trader Joe’s is the bomb for certain things like dairy, cereal, and most pantry items, but not produce (at least here in NY).
    I’m free for lunch but I don’t think I can make it to Nevada. =)

    • I didn’t even know what to look for at Trader Joe’s (besides wine). They sure have a lot of items! Next time I’ll devote more than 20 minutes to them.
      Awww, wish you could make it to NV! Vegas is getting some spectacular restaurants and chefs.

  3. Trader Joe’s is TOTALLY the bomb. We have one a couple of miles away and my wife says we cannot ever live anywhere that doesn’t have one ever ever ever again.

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