Cartoon Me

I had myself cartooned. I expected Cartoon-Jean to look professional, like a Pep Boy or Colonel Sanders. Clean, nice, anonymous, relatable. I enlisted the service of CartoonMe, based in Amsterdam. For 3.56473 Euros ($5.11), an artist would draw me by hand. The artist made me 1-dimensional, sucking the life out and adding pounds!

Sparkling eyes, out. Double chin, in. Check!
Tri-colored doo, out. Poop colored doo, in. Check!
Designer dress, out. Prairie dress, in. Check!
Pretty necklace, out. Souvenir penny on a chain, in. Check!

I complained. Not just to everyone within earshot. I emailed CartoonMe and said, in a nutshell, you must be joking.

They apologized and tried again.

I didn’t like. Again.

If you would like to be cartooned, for whatever reason, I recommend this free application on Facebook:
Cartoon Head Creator.

You can also turn any photo into a cartoon using PhotoShop:

Or my kids could draw you for the low, low, low price of 2.0933 Euro.

Speaking of cartoons, here’s a cool site that answers the question, “What if cartoons were real?”

• What’s your favorite cartoon?
• What cartoon character do you wish was real?
• Have you cartooned yourself?



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11 responses to “Cartoon Me

  1. Sunny

    You’re killing me! So funny! I vote to have Nat and Pearly cartoon me. That foreign artist just wasn’t getting it. 🙂

  2. This is my favorite cartoon 🙂

    I had done a cartoon of me once. Didn’t like it.

  3. And now I know what is not good at wordpress 😦 I can not use html code in comments. Ok, here is a link.

  4. My favourite cartoon character is a toss up between Daffy Duck & Foghorn Leghorn. I love them both.

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  6. Ha ha, I agree those are terrible! Looks like one of those drawing machines. The Facebook one is much better! I like SpongeJean the best though!

    • LOL, Angelia! I told you cartoonme results stunk. It’s sad when a free app at FB makes a cuter cartoon.
      I’m loving the Spongebob effect! Hubby asked to be transformed this morning, and don’t tell youngest daughter, but she is getting sponged too.
      I’ll post the pics at FB as I receive them. Beck just let me know it is bedtime in his part of the world, and here we are just waking up.

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