Stumping Supernanny

Supernanny airs in 47 countries, earning reality show star Jo Frost a reported $7million from TV and book deals. The 36-year old nanny lives at home with her widowed father.

When parents are having trouble with unruly children, SuperNanny, aka Jo Frost, pulls up in her London Taxi and lays down the law. These children are lacking attention and discipline. Jo guides the parents to interact with their kids and establish a Naughty Chair.

Having now seen about a dozen episodes, I felt ready to introduce the Naughty Chair to my girls. They really aren’t naughty, but it’s good to have a plan. Last evening Pearl hit Natalie with a Barbie, so I sat Pearl down in a chair, dubbed it Naughty, and set the timer. Pearl has watched Supernanny with me. She knows she has to say sorry, so she set to that right away. I told her Natalie would accept her apology in 3 minutes.

Times up. Sorry. Hugs & kisses. All’s well.

Natalie then wanted a turn in the Naughty Chair! She sat in it, and wouldn’t get out. She wanted the timer set, and motioned with her fingers how many minutes she would like. Six, to be exact.

How do you punish a child who won’t get out of the Naughty Chair?

We have now scrapped the chair.

• How funny are your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews?
• Are you in favor of the time-out or the Wal-mart slap?
• Do you (without being too graphic) own a naughty chair?



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8 responses to “Stumping Supernanny

  1. Ashley

    When Cali was about 4 I had to ban Super Nanny AND Nanny 911 b/c she told me she wanted to be so bad the nannies would come to her house b/c she liked them!

  2. Never heard of this show. It must be interesting!

  3. hellorissy

    Haha! That’s so cute. Growing up, I didn’t have a naughty chair. Instead, if I was really bad, then I was told to go do some gardening alone… this means, weeding. And being that we had a huge yard, this was a lot of work. To this day, I am not a fan of gardening – at all! Lol

  4. Natalie WANTED a turn in the naughty chair. Good greif you must be doing something wrong. Maybe your naughty chair is too comfy…

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