Margarita Festival

Friday night we attended the 12th Annual Fiesta & 10K Give Away otherwise known as the Margarita Festival. Eight businesses competed for Best Blended and Best Rocks. Our employee & friend, Brenda, won tickets from the local radio station and graciously gave them to us. Thanks Brenda!

I wasn’t in a festive mood until two lovely pirates draped beaded necklaces on hubby & me and handed us Shipwrecks. The Avi Resort & Casino’s Shipwreck margarita deservedly won Best Rocks. It was bright red and so delicious! If I had to guess, I’d say the secret ingredient was either pomegranate or pineapple.

Mohave Steak House served a scrumptious Mango margarita. It was fresh and cheery.

I don’t recall which competitor offered the Pink Panties margarita. Their hostesses were dressed in camo & fishnets, and their cocktails came with sugared rims and little green army men.

Sol de Mexico’s Soljito (mojito margarita) recipe can be found here. Let me tell you, hearing Tom ask people all night if the mint leaves were stuck to his teeth never got old!

We didn’t stand in the long line for Aquarius’ Banana Split margarita, but they won the People’s Choice award.

Edgewater & Colorado Belle won Best Blended with their Peach Bellini margarita. You know a guy is proud of his trophy when he tongues it. Personally, I would have given them an award for having the best “keepsake” highball glasses, thank you very much!

Lemonade Dogeritas were served by Mad Dogs’ hotties and dog-faced Jimmy.

After trying 7 out of 8 margaritas (some repeatedly) we were feeling no pain.

• How do you like your margarita?
• What’s your favorite festival?
• Have you ever licked a trophy?

Actual friends. Not actual size.



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20 responses to “Margarita Festival

  1. Sherri

    Looks and sounds like it was a great time. Are those shorts or panties on the Mad Dogs’ Hotties?…lol

    I love strawberry margarita’s on the rocks with “xtra sugar on the rim…Yummm!”

    I love most festivals…except for the faux carnivals set up in a Jo-Ann Fabrics’ parking lot!

    I’ve never licked a trophy I’m happy to say! 🙂

    • Those are panties. They sell them at their establishment. It’s my hubby’s fav. bar. Imagine that. LOL!

      Jo-Ann Fabric faux carnivals?! ROFL!! I haven’t stumbled across one, thankfully.

      Ya, that’s probably a wise decision not to lick trophies. No telling what that guy caught.

  2. Ummm, hmm … I don’t really like tequila. Will there be a “Toasted Almond Festival” at some point?

  3. Nadezhda Konovalova

    It’s was a fun event! As I went to your flickr page I discovered more interesting photos from the fest!
    I wouldn’t appreciate tickets to it though, as I’m not fun of alcohol drinks 😀

  4. I’ve never tried a margarita, I will look forward to an alternate festival like Dennis.
    Coca Cola Festival perhaps, or even a Rocky Road Chocolate Festival

  5. My wife and I would have loved to go to this! We both LOVE margaritas! I like strawberry margaritas, frozen with sugar on the rim. DELISH!

    My favorite festival is called “Ya Maka My Weekend.” It’s an entire weekend of celebrating music and foods from the carribean. Raggae bands play one after another all weekend long and the food is FANTASTIC! Lots of fun!

    I can’t say I have ever licked a trophy, no. I HAVE however kissed a couple. 😀

  6. Sounds GREAT….maybe next year?

    Thanks goodness it’s ok to kiss a trophy! After I wrote that I began to wonder if you were going to write a blog post about my weird trophy fetish but no worries now. 🙂

  7. Era

    Not much of a drinker here but if there’s a chocolate festival I’ll be there! Or the way I’ve been eating lately, both of me will be there. Diet time for me! I’m just having trouble getting started that’s all. 🙂

  8. I like classic Golden Margheritas (Grand Marnier) but I may be biased because I can’t have artificial food coloring so that eliminates all the funky party ones. Any festival with good food is ok by me and I’ve never licked a trophie, as far as I can remember.

    BTW, I love “actual friends, not actual size”

  9. Making me thirsty girl. I used to bartend, ah, the good old days.

  10. Mmmmagraritas! My favorite. I’d say tequila is my favorite liquor anyway. The only day I was asking my friend if a bottle of tequila was an inappropriate thing to ask for as a baby shower gift. Lol. She didn’t think so.

    My favorite are Mexican Martinis. Really it’s just a margarita served straight up with olives. So yummy and slightly stronger.

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