Baby Burros

Oatman @ the turn of the century and today.

In the early 1900’s Oatman Arizona was a gold mining town. The mines have closed and miners are long gone, but their burros remain. Oatman is now a tourist attraction drawing in visitors from around the world to visit this ghost town off of Historic Route 66.

Although the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently requested that the public stop feeding the burros, I noticed visitors with bags of carrots and hay cubes. One exuberant guest shared a few of her cubes with my daughters who fed the friendly animals. Baby burros (who were still nursing) wore stickers bearing the universal sign for, “Don’t Feed Me Carrots”.

We popped into a few of the shops which line Main Street and admired the assorted souvenirs. There were polished rocks, hot salsas, desert-themed ornaments, Route 66 t-shirts, roadrunner statues, scorpion and tarantula paperweights to name a few. We bought a canned soda and continued our stroll. Cowboys with rifles caught our attention, and I knew a loud gun battle would ensue. Throughout the day there are staged bank robberies and gun fights. Normally I would stick around to enjoy the show, but my daughters’ are sensitive to loud noises, so I herded them back to the car. We had a great day and a nice excursion.

• What attractions draw tourists to your area?
• Do you like burros and staged gun fights?
• What sticker should be on your forehead?


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30 responses to “Baby Burros

  1. Hmm, I’m pretty sure the attraction that draws people to San Diego is the weather. But the zoo and Sea World probably help a little.

  2. Sherri

    Love the pics too Jeanie Beanie 🙂

  3. Fantastic post, i love history, so I enjoyed the before and after pics a lot! I’d love to come there and see this in person. I’m glad you ignored the don’t feed the burros stickers. looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Of course all our touristy stuff here is history themed, Union station, Lewis and Clark trail, railroad this and that, and believe it or not, Kansas city is an artsy town. I’ve enjoyed being here.

    • It’s really a great lil’ town. There’s a lot of info online like how much gold was discovered there, and when they shut down the mines. I couldn’t believe it when I found that 1900’s photo! I lined it up with a shot I took today, and voila!

      Ya, I don’t think we hurt the burros by giving them those little cubes. Gosh, I’ve never seen a tinier cube of hay! I can understand not giving the babies food. We watched them nurse a few times while we were there.

      I’d love to see what Kansas City has to offer!

  4. Nadezhda Konovalova

    As always I found some new words for me 🙂 Do burros differ from ordinary donkey?
    1)There are a lot of touristic attractions in Kiev and near the city.
    2) I love animals and I would definitely love burros! And I love stated fights!!! We do not have many gun fights here but a lot of stated knight fights! Here is a link for you
    3) I would have stick “Boo, do not wake a bull” 😀

  5. Nadezhda Konovalova

    I didn’t hear about any claims regarding it. They are professionals.

  6. Sunny

    I love the baby burros! So sweet. The girls are so good with animals. That’s nice you are giving them so many great experiences.

    • Those babies are adorable! I remember you and JP got to see them a few years ago. There was a brown one and a white one. Looks like some of those burros are going to be mothers any day now!

      It was so cute how Pearl put the hay cube on the street. We have this book where Belle puts sugar cubes on the ground to catch a pony. LOL!

      Yep, Tom’s scouting around the forest looking for turkeys, so we are playing!

  7. Oh, I miss the west. I lived in Vegas one crazy year and had so much fun traveling all over. Thanks for taking me back down memory lane.

    By the way, how darn cute are those baby burros? I’m dying of jealousy.

  8. That looks like a really cool place to visit! My kids would LOVE going there and so would I. 😀

    What attractions draw tourists to your area?
    John Deere’s corporate office is here, the John Deere golf classic (golf tournament), Mississippi River, riverboat gambling, and many many festivals to name just a few.

    Do you like burros and staged gun fights?

    What sticker should be on your forehead?
    Do not feed Marlboro’s

  9. more like the Burro of Land Management!

  10. 1.) I live 10 minutes away from the Johnson Space Center so that is a pretty big tourist attraction around here.

    2.) I can’t say that I have anything against burros or staged gunfights. Now asses and real gun fights, yeah they bother me! 🙂

    3.) My daughters would probably put a sticker on my forehead that says, “Beware of Mom!”

    • Oh, Just a Mom, my hubby is a big space nut. He’d love to tour that center.
      Yes, true, good point! Asses and real gun fights need to be nixed!
      Can I borrow your sticker? I need to put some fear into my daughters. HA!

  11. 1) Gosh, I grew up in Philly so yknow, EVERYTHING is a tourist attraction.. even the damn ghettos!! LOL

    2) I love everything Old West.. and really do wish Marshall Dillon “got with” Miss Kitty!!!

    3) Stickers on my forehead? Heh.. omg.. you don’t have enough room!!!

  12. Era

    Looks like a great time! Now that we are in Texas I am hoping to take a trip to Arizona.

    When we were in Florida the nearby attractions were Disney World, Cape Canaveral, and Key West.

    Now our nearby attractions include the Austin City Limits Concert/festival and The Alamo.

    I’d probably have a sticker saying don’t feed her chocolate, or french fries, or icecream… MMmmm – gotta go eat! See ya.

    • You’re a lot closer now, Era. Make sure to stop in New Mexico for some beautiful sights and delicious meals!

      The Alamo surprised me. It’s right down town!

      LOL! I’m hungry too! Thinking of reheating last night’s pizza and wings. Did you see that game?

  13. So the burros are wild? Rad!

    I should be wearing the opposite sign. Give me food!

  14. Great looking little place. Love the way you did the merging pictures. The sticker on my head would say “Vacant”

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