I’m getting back on my Slim-Fast wagon. I’d like to lose 7 pounds. This is the game my body plays. I eat healthy and exercise, then relax into my old eating habits. I yoyo between 145 and 152 lbs. Between size 10 and 12. Between “You’ve lost weight!” and “When is your baby due?”

Slim-Fast used to be about drinking 2 shakes and eating a sensible dinner. It has really come a long way! You can actually eat 3 healthy meals plus 3 healthy snacks. This doesn’t come naturally to me. Santa Claus used to bring me fruit once a year. That’s a blog for another day.

Slim-Fast’s interactive website is free. No trial membership. No limited time offer. Just free.

They even have a Vegan meal plan. Seriously. Vegan.

You don’t even have to drink their chalky shakes.

Register and your menu for the entire week (and future weeks) is at your fingertips. You can swap out anything that doesn’t sound appealing and exchange it for another healthy item.

Today I’ve enjoyed a blueberry muffin bar and some vanilla yogurt. Lunch will be a large spinach salad with fresh sliced mushrooms and juicy mandarin orange slices. I’ll snack on dried cranberries before my delicious dinner of Hearty Chili. This is my favorite chili recipe! Even when I’m not dieting, I prepare it.

FYI: Slim-fast doesn’t endorse that dollop of sour cream.

The Slim-Fast site also provides you with activities, tools, support and a community. Did I mention it was free? Yes, all free!

So, wish me luck, and if you are dieting, I wish you luck as well!

• Do you have a favorite weight loss program?
• Does your body yoyo or is it more like a slinky?
• What did Santa stuff in your stocking?


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14 responses to “Slim-Fast

  1. OMG you’ve lost weight and when is the baby due? yeah I’ve been there…lol. the most i ever lost in one stretch is 15 pounds. I would kill to be 145 again. lol. good luck in your endeavor.

  2. Nadezhda Konovalova

    Good luck Jean! 🙂

  3. Good luck Jean! Losing weight is hard but YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Does Slim-Fast endorse Elvis cupcakes?

  4. Era

    Good Luck!!! and thanks for the tip. I need to get started. I’m at my “when is the baby due” weight. I saw the numbers creeping up but I just couln’t stop myself from eating. *sigh* I need to discipline myself. I’ve got a birthday coming up soon and I’d hate to get there this heavy… but at the same time I just can’t seem to get started!

    • Thank you, Era! Day 3 and counting. I know what you mean. I was heavy all summer when I really should have been watching myself. I could not get motivated!
      Here, let me give you a little push. ::: shove, shove ::: Did that help?

  5. Thanks for this post! I am on my way over to check this out! By the way I think I am 5 months pregnant, I mean fat right now! I need to get back on my bandwagon and get back down to the “just trying to get pregnant” stage! 🙂

  6. Good luck with it Jean. I prefer the seafood diet, see food & eat it. It doesn’t work as a weight loss program though. Mainly a satisfaction diet, makes you feel good but that’s about all. Actually I thought about dieting & losing weight last week but it didn’t come to fruition. But they do say it’s the thought that counts

  7. Tammy

    Best of luck with losing those 7 pounds. It can be tough. I use to do Slim Fast, but I lost 27 pounds with diet and exercise. I started walking regularly and that helped tremendously. I added weights a year later and it increased my metabolism. I also reduced my portions and cut out sugar. I still eat sugary things, but I notice when I eat it regularly my middle starts to “grow”.

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