A Haunting @ Chuck E Cheese

Tuesday night while flipping through channels I stopped on Discovery’s Ghost Lab. I haven’t seen many ghost hunter documentaries, but those I have are all hype and zero evidence. Ghost Lab was different. Maybe it was their specialized equipment, or perhaps these two fellows have a real knack for enticing ghosts out of hiding. Yes, they had evidence, but I was still left scratching my head, wondering if it was all a hoax.

Friday rolled around and I had the (ahem) privilege of taking my daughters to a Chuck E Cheese birthday party. It was a long trek across state lines giving me plenty of time to think.

Welcome to Ghost Lab. On tonight’s episode, Brad and Barry Klinge investigate a haunted Chuck E. Cheese.

This animatronic mouse is not plugged in to any outlet, yet Chucky’s proprietor has heard a man’s voice coming out of the speaker on several occasions. The Klinge Brothers wait until the sun sets, then enter the establishment to have a little chat with the ghost.

Brad: Let’s be very quiet.
Animatronic Mouse: squealllllll!!!!!!
Barry: Did you hear that? Do it again!
Animatronic Mouse: squealllll!!!!!

Later, in the Ghost Lab, the team analyzes the audio track.

squeallll…… inaudible…… crackle….. squeallll…. inaudible…

Let’s play it again, this time with subtitles.

Brad: Let’s be very quiet.
Ghost: Order up!

The crew goes wild! Order up is pizza lingo! That was definitely our ghost!

Day two, the Klinge Bros. meet a direct descendant of the founder of Chuck E. Cheese.

Founder Descendant: I got up early to take a picture of my friend dressed up like an old time pizzeria employee. When I had the film developed, we saw my great, great, not so great uncle in the background! This is not photoshopped. It’s film, and the image is on the negative. My lips are moving, so it must be true.

The Klinge Bros. decide to set up their special “ghost motion detectors” in the kitchen. As added bait, they bring in their lovely assistant. She dares the ghost to touch her arm. No sooner are the words out of her mouth when the detectors alert us to the presence of the ghost! Everyone grabs their cameras and starts snapping pictures while the bells and whistles continue to sound.

Later, in the lab, each frame of film is analyzed. After many tedious hours of scanning the images, the team hits pay dirt! A “shadow person”is visible in one photo.

There is one more room left to inspect. The haunted toilet! The team yucks it up. What kind of ghost would haunt a public restroom? The detecting devices are in place. Again Brad calls for quiet. There is no apparent sign of the ghost until the audio track is analyzed.

Brad: Let’s have a minute of silence.
Ghost: Geez! Can I get a courtesy flush?

Well, that seals it! This Chuck E Cheese is indeed haunted. The Ghost Lab is heading to a town near you.

This story is based on Ghost Lab’s look at haunted Tombstone. Actual ghost voice recordings were heard (or rather, subtitled) to say, “Choose!” and “Right quick.”
• Do you believe in ghosts?
• Have you seen Ghost Lab?
• How much credence do you give to recorded ghost voices?

Update: Here is a scene from Ghost Lab: Portrait of an Apparition. Click Me!



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19 responses to “A Haunting @ Chuck E Cheese

  1. I use to believe in ghosts when I was little. I don’t think I do now. I believe in guardian spirits/angels though. I’d like to think there is someone out there looking out for me.

    Never seen ghost lab. Doesn’t really interest me. Seems too much like a product to fool gullible audiences on commercial television.

    And I don’t believe you can capture on film or record the voices of any ghost. Ever. Not going to happen, even if they were real.

    • I like your take on this Materix.
      All of the instances described are from that episode. It does seem like a lot of foolishness, especially when you remove the backdrop of an Old Western town.
      Thanks for dropping by. I need to see where you’re hanging out now. And what did you get? A new pet? I’m zooming in.

  2. Sherri

    I’ve never seen ghost lab but I watch another one that is really great. I can’t recall the name of it offhand right now. I used to watch Paranormal State but that one is so cheesey (haha) compared to the guys with the real equipment and debunking skills.

    My sister claims to have a ghost in her house that they bought a few years ago. Apparently, a woman named Phyllis died in their house before they bought it. They had heard weird noises and noticed things missing alot and sometimes perfect circles and x’s would be drawn on the tv screen dust. But they also have kids…lol

    My brother-in-law was home alone one day and heard some noises so he picked up the camera and said “If there’s someone in this house show yourself.” He was randomly snapping photos and hopefully it will post on here so you can see it. Look at where the light is on the wall and see if you can see anything. I didn’t at first but then looked at the bigger image on her MySpace page.

    Kinda, freaky! But I’ll let you be the judge and tell you what I see after you tell me what you see…if anything at all.

  3. Sherri

    the pic won’t copy and paste nor will it accept the code so hopefully you can view the image on her page. Here it is.


  4. Sherri

    Yeah, well don’t think next time I’m in Ohio that I won’t be checking out that wall. I want to see another photo taken in the same spot in the same light. As far as the x’s and circles on the TV…I think her kids were playing tic-tac-toe in the dust…lol.

  5. Sherri

    The show I was thinking of was Ghost Adventures. Have you ever seen this one. Lol..sorry t be stalking your page…but I love this crap. My b/f thinks I’m crazy.

  6. I’ve had several strange personal experiences(but then again i am strange)

    while a Soldier stationed in NJ. While doing some background research on the net, found out the post had quite a few of those kind of reports.I like watching ghost hunters, but at some point I always say, “OMG that’s so fake”

    • I used to have strange personal experiences, but that was when I was younger. Wait, that didn’t come out right!
      I believe in ghosts, but these “hunters” should do a little more investigating before they declare a dwelling haunted.
      That is interesting about the haunted post. Did you have an experience that led you to research it?

  7. I do believe in ghosts!

    I have never seen the show “Ghost Lab” but I do really like watching “Ghost Hunters” on SyFy. I like how they try to disprove the haunting that the people are claiming to have. It’s when they can’t disprove something that it may be an actual haunting.

  8. Pizza Ghost, weird…

  9. I haven’t seen this one yet, but most of the other ghost shows. I loove the one where they travel to haunted places in foreign countries. I lived in a house that was haunted with the spirit of my dead grandfather. Creepy!

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