Delicious Diet Foods + bonus

Psssst! Come here. Yes, you. Let me let you in on a little secret. I don’t like to diet. Diet foods taste awful! It’s my self-appointed mission to find delicious healthy foods. They’ve got to be out there. This week I’m 2 lbs. lighter and giving 2 thumbs up to:

Yoplait Delights in Creme Caramel. I AM delighted! These delicious parfaits have only 100 calories per serving. Come to mama!
Slim-Fast Blueberry Muffin Bar. Full of flavor and only 140 calories. Is that oatmeal? Are those blueberries? Sign me up!

Dole’s Hearty Italian Salad Kit. Knock me over with a feather. This isn’t your typical bag o’salad. This mix has leafy greens, garlic croutons, cracked peppercorn, chunks of aged parmesan, diced salami, and a Chianti vinaigrette. ::: slurp! ::: Fava beans not included. A slimming 180 calories per flavorful serving.
Just so I don’t completely bore those of you not dieting, here’s a blast from my past. My Dad made my big noggin out of a punch ball and paper mache. Crafty guy, huh?
• What are you eating that’s surprisingly delicious and low-cal?
• When’s the last time you paper mache’d?
• Are you ready for Halloween?



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16 responses to “Delicious Diet Foods + bonus

  1. kewl costume. didn’t you sweat in that??

  2. Gosh, 1970 Halloween you looks so dejected … or maybe it’s just the paint job.

  3. I need to go on a diet myself! Thanks for the reminder Jean. I know it’s a waste of time for me to even try with the holiday’s approaching so I will maybe go on a diet in January? LOL

    Gosh, I haven’t paper mache’d in a very LOOOOOONG time. Junior high school was the last time I think so about 27 years ago. YIKES!

    I’m ready for Halloween! BRING IT!

    • Oh man, holidays! I was just drooling over the candies in the Crate and Barrel catalog. Speaking of which, they have paper mache ornaments in there! Maybe everything old is new again.

      Here comes Halloween! Hold on to your pirate hat!

  4. I mix together tuna, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes and garlic as a dip. It is great with celery sticks!
    I am all set for Halloween and believe it or not I have never, ever paper mache’d!

  5. I love blueberries and they are super healthy. Unfortunately, they are also seasonal. The can’t remember when I last paper mache’d, maybe elementary school? I’m going to AC for Halloween with girl friends! yay!

  6. Wow, you look so HAPPY in that costume.
    I think we have a couple of those Yoplait Delights in our fridge. I’ll just go & check….

    1 minute passes by….

    Nope it’s some other brand but looks just as good, there’s only one left & Michelle’s already had one. Looks like it’s mine by default but I’ll have to be quick

  7. I love the Yogurt delights, but never had that flovor. I’m all about the lemon and the chocolate/rasp. ones. mss, maybe I’m going to the fridge now to get one!

  8. I let go of the Dieting Dove as soon as I met Tim .. Being a chef, he is a firm believer in butter making everything better… him and his freakin’ size 34 waist … the #$%^&!!!

    But I do have a 1 cal a slice cheese cake that I used to make all the time .. I’ll have to dig around for the recipe .. it’s REALLY good.. and simple to make!

    I paper mache’d a few months ago.. making a piggy bank out of a blown up balloon and egg carton thingies. We’ll just chalk that up to something that SOUNDED like a good idea at the time…

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