Wedding Day Blunders

On Sunday December 21st 2003, Tom and I were married in our home, standing near our Christmas tree, with bare minimum of friends & family as our witnesses. One thing we didn’t count on was for the Reverend to be so hurried that he made a couple of mistakes. For one, he asked if I would take Rick. My husband’s name is Tom. Secondly, and probably the greater offense, the Rev. performed the dreaded White Rose ceremony.

Forgive me if you are a fan of the White Rose ceremony. Hubby and I did not request it, and couldn’t believe our eyes when those artificial flowers appeared. Two bogus, long-stemmed roses which must remain together as symbols of our love. If either of us were angry with the other, we were to remove one rose from the vase. Hold up! Vase? These plastic perennials were not getting their own vase! But I digress. Our partner would surely notice the single rose and clear the air.

Over the years the roses have endured much abuse in the hands of our two daughters. The girls have devised their own sport. Fencing with flowers. Invariably each night I mend the flowers and place them atop my dresser mirror.

Somehow the flowers have weaseled their way into my heart, and as strange as it may seem, I am comforted when I see them together. Perhaps they do represent our life. Exhausted and abused by our children daily, finding refuge in our bedroom each night.

Our Wedding Day

Haha! The White Roses made it into this picture!

• What happened at your wedding that you didn’t foresee?
• Are you a fan of fake foliage?
• How do you know your partner is miffed?



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31 responses to “Wedding Day Blunders

  1. Jim

    What happened at your wedding that you didn’t foresee?
    – Getting a divorce 5 years later.

    Are you a fan of fake foliage?
    – Love it. The day before we were supposed to fly to Vegas to get married (at the Excalibur, dressed in medieval clothing), we realized we didn’t even think about the flowers. A stop at Michael’s art & craft store fixed that. We made such a bouquet that most people thought it was real, and even tried to sniff it.

    How do you know your partner is miffed?
    – whenever I would ask “What’s wrong?” and her answer was “Nothing!!” It usually took about 10-15 minutes of me begging aas asking questions before she opened up, and we talked about why she was mad.

    • I found your comment, Jim! It didn’t get eaten. 🙂
      LOL. Ya, those divorces are hard to spot. Two of them got me.
      Hey, you have a talent with fake foliage! Maybe a side biz?
      Yep, I’m fond of the classic, “Nothing”, all the while getting angrier. Good for you for not giving up. Nothing is usually something!

  2. Tasneem R

    I’m not married yet! anyway I just love the picture of the trio! the baby is super cute!
    How compatible are you and your partner ? Take this quiz and find out!

  3. Thankfully nothing unforseen happened at any of my weddings. LOL

    I am definately not a fan of fake foilage.

    As a wedding photographer, I have seen many unforseen happenings that I have really wanted to laugh at. LOL

  4. What happened at your wedding that you didn’t foresee?
    At my first wedding when the minister asks “Who gives this women away?” We all looked at my mom, my dad wasn’t there, and she said “Not Me!” I wanted to die but she was soooo right! That marriage lasted 5 very long months!
    Are you a fan of fake foliage?
    No not really even though I at least can’t kill it! 🙂
    How do you know your partner is miffed?
    When he starts slamming doors!

  5. Era

    That’s a sweet story. We had two candles from which we lit one candle. I am not a big fan of fake foliage but it does serve a purpose. When Hubby gets grumpy and withdraws I know he’s angry. Otherwise he’s the happiest person I know. I’m the naturally grumpy one. And when asked what’s wrong… I will say “nothing”.

  6. Interesting story. Never heard of Rose ceremony before, and I liked it. But i’m really no fan of fake foliage, I would prefer to have them natural and then after some time “herbarized” *not sure if I use it correctly here :)*.
    It’s so obvious when he is miffed 😀

    • Maybe herbarized is dried. I’ve seen bouquets hung upside down drying out to preserve them.

      I think the blooper at your wedding was your Mother In Law throwing bread at your feet. Was it bread or rice? Your wedding blogs were great, Nadezhda!

      Hope hubby isn’t miffed too often.

  7. I’ve never heard of the white flower ceremony, but I recently saw a couple have a sand ceremony. They poured two different colors of sand in a vase to symbolized them uniting as one. Sand can’t be separated so that was cool.

    At our wedding, I hired an ex-weather man/Irish/Leprechaun looking guy as our photographer. During the beginning of the ceremony, he was at the front hiding behind a fern taking photos of us as we stood near the Rev. He bumped the giganitic fern, and it began to fall over the banister. Suddenly, there was a little red headed man holding the fern by it’s fronds leaning over the banister to lower it to the floor. We all paused to look at him. What can you do at that point?

    I like some fall/winter fake foliage to decorate with, and my husband is miffed when he won’t talk to me.

  8. Sherri


    I think that’s a lovely story. Did I read that right? Have you also had 2 previous divorces? I think I’m gonna be like Elizabeth Taylor without the bank roll!

    My second marriage ,while standing in the Bahamas in front of our minister I knew that I wasn’t really in love but thought I could “grow to love”…um yeah…that doesn’t work. I left days after our 1st anniversary which I didn’t even celebrate. I knew 6 months into the marriage that I wanted out.

    I’m a fan of real flowers. I love flowers. They always brighten my mood. However, I’ve been known to have a few fake ones around. Fake are better than none. Fake flowers are better when they have special meaning such as yours do.

    I can’t say that my boyfriend of a year has ever yelled at me. In fact, I’ve never even seem him angry. But I can tell when he’s agitated…he gives me short answers but usually after a cooling down period will apologize to me for being grouchy. I never mind it’s not ever directed at me. It’s usually me who’s more bitchy and whiney. I really have a super b/f. Not one bad thing to say about him.

  9. I don’t like fake foliage. Plastic is for tupperware
    etc, not for plant material.
    The celebrant said at our wedding “Personally I don’t think you two have known each other long enough to be getting married” Can you believe that??? What a nerve??? Michelle & I were more shocked than offended, the offended came later after the shocked bit wore off, We just couldn’t believe someone would say that in front of all our family & friends on our special day. We had been seeing each other for a bit over a year but only had a short engagement of 3 months once we decided to get married. We have been married nearly 14 years now.
    Even though I’m not a fake flower fan I really like the 2 white roses thing, a great idea & a great blog post Jean

  10. Forgot to say, I konw she’s miffed when she goes all quiet & grumpy

  11. Funny when they say the wrong names. I eloped, but I went to a wedding once where the priest said two wrong names and it was my name and my boyfriends name, so he kept trying to be funny and made us stand up and we said I do. I had forgotten about that story!

  12. Hmmm… wedding blunders? Well.. nothing that wasn’t expected from getting married by a judge… but the funniest was what happened AFTER my divorce.

    I had jury duty and the presiding judge was the same one that had married me. We had to fill out this questionnaire asking if we knew the lawyers, judges, etc. So I marked off the box next to “judge”

    During open court, the answered were reviewed and the judge said, “.. Oh? You know me? How?”

    I told him that he had married me.. he giggled and said, “…well, are you going to hold that against me?”

    And I said, “absolutely”!

    … and no, no fan of foliage at all ( fake or other wise)

    … and how do I know that Tim’s pissed at me? Oh come on.. he NEVER gets pissed at me!! I’m always pissed at him so you might want to ask him that question!! LOL

  13. Hahaha, Leese! Did you get out of jury duty?

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