My Wish List

Santa, I’ve been a really good girl this year. Actually, I’ve been good for quite a few years, yet I haven’t seen hide nor hair of you. How about making up for lost time with a few items from my Wish List?


Two words. Alexander McQueen. Hello! Check out this clutch with built-in rings. Oh, Santa baby, I’d be the happiest kid on the block if you’d stuff this lil’ gem in my stocking.


I know this seems like an odd request, but please place Animatronic Elvis under my tree. Something about his battery-operated head makes me quiver. Does he have a “hum” setting? Oh, don’t forget the 8 D batteries!


Santa, I can hear you now. “What a greedy bi…”, but wait! You can satisfy my sweet tooth for around twenty dollars with Vosges’ Caramel Toffee Marshmallows. Pick up a 4-pack for yourself. They will melt in your jolly mouth, my good man.


If you still think ill of me, well so be it. Get your point across with Dirty Dishtowels (preferably not one I have to explain to the kids).


I think I’m letting you off easy, but a few of my naughty and nice friends have some special requests.

• What’s on your wish list?


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21 responses to “My Wish List

  1. Era

    That clutch with built-in rings is brilliant and those caramel toffee marshmellows are making my mouth water. I think I would like a nicer camera. Yeah, that would be great.

    • I love that clutch! I’d even take a copycat clutch.

      My sister and I tried those marshmallows in Vegas, and oh…my…goodness… they are amazing! The most delicate, delicious, sweet concoction to pass these lips.

      Oh, a nicer camera is a must! Santa, are you listening? 😀

  2. Its me MontanaLady!

    Hehehehehe! nice list.

  3. I like your list Jean and I have been an extra good boy this year. Santa, PLEASE leave me a shiny new golf cart in my driveway or garage this Christmas. I would be the envy of all the pond people at the resort! 😀

  4. I love the Dirt Dish Towels!
    I am a simple person, well that and slightly poor, but I really want the Elmo Live! That thing cracks me up!

  5. Sherri

    I want the new Droid by Motorola. My cell phone is barely a step above the Jitterbug phone!

    My b/f works at Motorola as an electrical engineer…you’d think it’d be super easy to get one. He had to buy one himself but he at least got a discount! Maybe if I’m EXTRA naughty he’ll leave one in my stocking. I mean the stocking on my leg 😉

  6. Ok don’t laugh, but here’s what I want, and I know it’s all very expensive, so I’m not getting any of it, but you asked:

    #1Sous Vide Supreme

    a pizza oven
    Berkel Meat Slicer

  7. Bitch, please! Is that a skull on the clasp?? Me likey. I saw a skull belt buckle that I had to have but the very selfish woman wearing it wouldn’t unhand the darn thing and give it to me.

  8. I.

  9. Hard to say because I love playing Santa Claus and making other people happy! 🙂

  10. Well a new house is on my list..but pretty sure Santa crossed that off about January 2nd of this year! (somebody he told me he started crossing crap off early in the year for bad behavior)…

    ok so then next on the list was (and you would not be able to tell it by look at me …I am a purse whore..yep you read it here..maybe not first but you read it here)….I usually get them from goodwill but my daughter found me a KVZ at Gordmans for a good price and so she bought it..I am allowed to use it until Christmas eve and then she’ll wrap it and then I have to go “ahhh” like it’s the first time I’ve seen it. “I” had a better idea. I said since the purse was knocked down 15 from what it normal is..take that and buy me something else I can unwrap! 🙂 TA-DA!

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