Reagan Christmas Trees

I’ve just returned from a visit with my sister. One of the highlights of the trip was touring the Reagan Library in southern California. From Nov. 18th to Jan. 10th the Library displays 26 Christmas trees representing the countries President Reagan visited while in office.

My sis was right. I have forgotten which trees are from which countries, but one thing is for certain. They are all gorgeous! I hope you enjoy this tremendous photo blog.

Coffee beans on the Columbian tree.

Snake on Indonesian tree.

My favorite tree.

β€’ What tops your tree?
β€’ Do you have any unusual ornaments?



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24 responses to “Reagan Christmas Trees

  1. WOW….those are all AWESOME trees! Thanks for sharing those Jean.

    You shaking hands with Mr. Reagan cracked me up!

  2. That’s quite a collection of trees! We haven’t done a tree here the last few years, on the theory that Dennis would knock it down and destroy it …

  3. Wow! They all so beautiful! Maybe Mexico would be my favorite, but it’s so hard to choose. πŸ™‚

  4. Era

    Those trees are fabulous! I really like the various tree toppers ussed by the different countries.

    When my kids were in pre school they used to make ornaments every year. When they were really young our tree was only decorated with those school made decorations and non breakable decorations from the dollar store. Now that they are older and less destructive, um, I mean less prone to accidents, we have started using some glass ornaments. Unfortunately we forgot our decorations in the attic of our old house so we have to start over this year.

    • I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for a peacock tree topper!
      We’re still using the non-breakable ornaments. Ooooh, glass ornaments. I can hardly wait for that.
      Oh, Era, I’m so sorry you have to start from scratch this year!

  5. Those were beautiful! I envy you getting to go to the Ronald Reagan Library. I would love to visit there!

  6. Love love love the photos. all beautiful trees. Our tree is pretty sad really. eventually, we’ll have to get new stuff. thanks for sharing your experience with us!!!

  7. Lucky you in Southern CA! I’m freezing over here. The different trees are awesome!

  8. What an awesome experience; especially at Christmas time! I loved the trees! China’s display was gorgeous and loving those pandas. I’m not so sure about Indonesia. I don’t think I could put snakes in my tree. LOL

    I think you’ve seen my tree topper. It’s a Moravian star.

  9. Sherri

    Really beautiful trees!

    Just have a bow that I made that tops my tree. All my special ornaments are in storage boxes at my mom’s in Ohio. I’ll have to remember to look for them when I go home for Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics Jean!

  10. Brigita

    Great pics Jean. I took my parents there years ago when I was still living in Pt. Mugu and with Craig. I think right before I started working at Bullhead…they had a Lithuanian tree there that year. Nice museum huh?

  11. Happy 5th birthday to your daughter! Have fun today! πŸ™‚

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