Shitty Party Signs


1. You arrive 30 minutes late, yet the host & hostess are not ready.

2. The bartender chastises you for bringing your own beverages.

3. You’re the only one dressed in festive clothing.

4. Nobody gives a damn about your red socks (and I’m not talking baseball).

5. Partygoers that owe you money avoid you like the plague.

6. You spend three hours talking to someone you once fired because she’s the most interesting person present.

7. The host asks you if the shrimp smells fishy.

8. There are 2 places to congregate; the garage or the patio.

  1. There’s karaoke in the garage.
  2. It’s raining outside.

9. Men are looking for places to urinate in the yard.

10. You’re in the middle of four conversations because people keep wandering off.

11. You’re told one of your close friends has terminal cancer.

12. You’re not feeling jolly. As a matter of fact, you’re weeping.


• Have you seen any of these signs?
• What sign(s) would you add to this list?



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20 responses to “Shitty Party Signs

  1. Sherri

    OMG….that’s is hysterical! At least you got a great blog out of it.

    Especially like the 3 hour conversation with someone you once fired. 🙂

  2. Variations on your some of your potential signs:

    You arrive 30 minutes late and the party is ending.

    The bartender chastises you for not showing enough cleavage.

    You’re the only one dressed….

    People are way too interested in your red socks and repeatedly ask if they can touch or sniff them.

    Partygoers that owe you money hit you up for more.

    The men have given up looking for places to urinate in the yard and are investigating hall closets as an alternative.

    The host asks you if the egg nog smells “fishy.”

  3. Now THAT is what I call a shitty Christmas party! …..and I’ve been there, done that. Ugh.

  4. Office Christmas parties should be treated like the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

  5. That’s too hilarious. was there gifts exchanged? I think one addition could be if the hosts asked to put your keys in a big bowl when you walk in…lol.

  6. I think it would depend on who the Gyno was. I had a pretty bad one in my day!

    But yeah, I think that experience was still better than your epic failure of a party experience.

  7. Sunny Wants To Be Shopping

    ROFL!!! Sounds like a bummer evening. 😦 Sorry

  8. Era

    Lol! That party reeked!

  9. Tasneem R

    The place seems so clumsy that it is difficult for you to make out what is where…if you need water you have to roam about for at least 1 hour before you catch the sight of the water bottle .

    Christmas Holiday Personality – What does your Christmas Holiday say about you?

  10. Whoa! Those are some good signs of a terrible party. LOL
    Here are a couple more.
    -If there is a tip jar at the table.
    -The hostess changes her kid’s diaper in the middle of the floor.

    Oh, and don’t ask your hostess if you can have her Rudolph figuring when she dies. She might not get your humor.

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