Found Montana in Arizona

On Wednesday, my youngest daughter, Pearl, and I ventured to Lake Havasu City to see Montana Lady Golfer. Montana and I have been friends on MySpace and Facebook for about a year.
Montana gave us a warm welcome, jumping up & down and giving us hugs upon arrival. Once inside her lovely home, Montana served my favorite wine (sauvignon blanc), crackers, and an assortment of delicious cheeses! I hand delivered a package of fruits & cheese to Montana from her 2009 Secret Santa. Montana was so pleased and said it was the perfect gift.
Ever so thoughtful, Montana carefully opened a fishing game and challenged Pearl to a round. Pearl mopped the floor with her, but our host may have thrown the game.

Time to hop into Montana’s convertible and drop her hubby off at the golf course. Then we girls were off for Fast Food and Shopping.

Pearl loves McDonalds, and was excited to have an Alvin & The Chipmonks Happy Meal. We took the scenic route to the new mall, and Montana spoiled Pearl with a Deluxe Bead Kit and 3 smaller bead sets from Michael’s.
A leisurely drive across the London Bridge led us to The Naked Turtle for beach time!

We found a few shells & pretty rocks, and got our tootsies wet. It was a beautiful day with temps in the high 60’s. Something about playing on the beach makes you hungry. The Beach Bar was undergoing some renovations, but the restaurant upstairs was open. Wow is their food GOOD!! We shared orders of calamari and fish & chips while Pearl had an ice cream sundae.

This day just FLEW by! It was nearly 5pm, and we had to pick up Montana’s hubby from the golf course. I hope he had a good day!
Montana wrapped up some shish-kebobs for Pearl and I to take home. We were running out of daylight, and my hubby and eldest daughter were at home awaiting on return.
Natalie and Pearl are still having a GREAT time making bracelets & necklaces. Tom and I are grilling the kebobs tonight!
β€’ Have you been to Lake Havasu?
β€’ Do you let children beat you at games?
β€’ What’s on your shish-kabob?



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18 responses to “Found Montana in Arizona

  1. Sherri


    I think it’s so cool that friends who meet on social networks take it from the virtual to the real world.

    Montana sounds like one great lady. Wow, she even gave you dinner to take home! It looks like you all had a great time.

    Was Pearl asleep in the backseat? lol too cute.

    1. I’ve never been to Lake Havasu
    2. I used to let my kiddos beat me at games all the time. Except “Break The Ice” that game is kinda hard to let them win.
    3. My b/f makes great shish-kabob. We like beef, peppers, onions, pineapple, and shrimp on ours!

    Cute blog as always πŸ˜‰

    • I do too. I love meeting my internet friends.
      Montana’s super. Yes, she and her hubby planned on taking Pearl and I to the beach and grilling those kebobs, but we were running out of time. She was nice to let me leave with kebobs for the road!
      LOL – yes, Pearl fell asleep as we drove along.
      Yum – your b/f’s kebobs sound tasty!!
      Thanks, Sherri!

  2. I am amazed. I am so happy you had the chance to meet your friend….in person. These are memories to keep, for a looong time! Have a fun weekend! πŸ™‚

  3. 60 degrees! That’s 55 degrees warmer than it is here now…. lucky. Thanks for the peep into your visit. Sounds like you girlz had a great time. Lake havasu was on the show Beach Patrol which I used to watch primarily for the Hot sexy policemen on the show…lololol. In the summer it’s a hot party spot on the lake.

    • It was warm. Tom even thinks I got some sun. You’re welcome for the peep. I should have brought my camera when we went out for shopping & snacks. Didn’t know it would be so picturesque.
      Hot Sexy Policemen?! I didn’t see any of them, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled next time!!

  4. Joy

    That is really cool you got to meet a friend like that. I also know someone who lives at Lake Havasu. Weird isn’t it?

    Have you been to Lake Havasu? No, I never have but if I was anywhere close, I’d go because I’ve heard how gorgeous it is.
    β€’ Do you let children beat you at games? I really didn’t let them win unless I was REALLY lucky and they weren’t winning any at all. I’m a pretty firm believer that one needs to learn to lose in order to be a better winner.
    β€’ What’s on your shish-kabob? Beef, shrimp, mushrooms and onions.

    • Oh gosh, that is weird, Joy. What a small world.
      It’s gorgeous, but extremely hot in the summer. I’ll bet your friend already told you. πŸ˜€
      It is good to let children win on their own. More rewarding for all involved.
      Yum, I’d eat your shish-kabob!

  5. Sounds like you had a great day!

  6. S. Le

    Cute kiddos.

    Fast food and shopping. 2 miracles of the free World!

    I’ll have a kabob please!

  7. Lynn

    i’ve often fantasized about meeting some of my blog friends in person…i enjoyed your post very has inspired me to do something similar, just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

    ps those kebabs look perfect!

  8. It’s AWESOME the two of you got to meet face to face. Make that three of you. LOL It sounds like you all had a wonderful day together.

    Who knows, maybe Pearl will date one of Montana’s boys like my son and Lisa’s daughter are?? LOL

    I have never been to Lake Havasu but it looks and sounds like somewhere I would like to visit.

    I do let my son Logan beat me at a game and used to let my older boys win when they were younger. NOT every time though. They need to learn they can’t ALWAYS win at EVERYTHING. LOL

    I like Beef, Pork, Chicken, green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms and red onion on my kabob’s.

  9. Another award? You? Come see at my blog! πŸ™‚

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