Snow Search 2010

Each winter for the past four years we have gone in search of SNOW. Being an Arizona family, it is rare for us to experience freezing temps. Saturday, after 2 1/2 hours on the road, we reached our destination: Mount Charleston, Nevada, just 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

We were so happy to arrive, and headed straight to the snow play area.
We sled.
Warning: Turn your audio down. I’m a screamer. I mean really! Way, way down.

The girls made snow angels.

We made a snowman. (The base was already there.) Look at Frosty’s pea head. LOL!
As the sun started to set behind the mountain, we made our way down to the Mount Charleston Resort. It’s a lovely hotel with a restaurant, bar, gambling, spa, and dvd rentals, but no elevators.

After check-in, Tom headed down to the bar to watch football, the girls watched a Tom & Jerry dvd in our room, and I signed in to the wi-fi. Thank goodness for Hulu! I watched an SNL clip (Snookie), a Chelsea Lately clip (Holly Madison was dissing Criss Angel), and I forget what else. Just some mindless mumbo-jumbo that helped me unwind.
The girls wanted to wear dresses to dinner, so I helped them into their outfits. Just then, Tom returned from the bar. Perfect timing! Off we went to dinner. It was so scrumptious, but service was very slow. They must make each dish to order. On a positive note, our waitress bought Natalie and Pearl’s drawings for a dollar each. Check out these happy entrepreneurs!
Sunday morning we had breakfast at the Mt Charleston Lodge near the summit. The girls colored, but there were no takers for their artwork. Tom tried to double his money, but no such luck. Breakfast was delicious and served quickly.

We repeated Saturday’s *S* activities: sledding & snow angels (no snowmen). I’d like to say the rest of the day went off without a hitch, but as we made our way down the mountain, we got a flat tire. Chances are, if you run over a snowball and your tire pops, it wasn’t a snowball!
• Are you a screamer?
• Do you get much snow?
• Do you like to play in it?



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37 responses to “Snow Search 2010

  1. It looks like you all had such fun. I love it. Spending time with family is the best! I love to visit the snow. I am happy I do not live in it. My mountain home gets snow, if I am lucky that weekend! I love to scream, just like you….the louder the better! I get sooo wild and crazy when I am not supervised! LOL 🙂 Glad to see all your pictures and video! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Your girls are so cute! Your trip reminds me of when my family and I would go to Santa Fe to “find snow” Being from Texas, snow is like the coolestfrickinthingintheworld because we never saw it either.

  3. Nadezhda Konovalova

    You are so lucky to do snow search :)) We do not have to search it, it find us 😉 And we don’t appriciate it much here. And video is just awesome! It transfers your joy so well!
    1. Yes!
    2. We get it much this year.
    3. Yes, I like but it’s getting hoar 😉

  4. Sherri


    What a nice lovely morning read 🙂

    You all looked like you had such a great time. Those are the memories that your girls will remember even as they get older and recreate with their children as well.

    I enjoyed the video too “screamy screamer!” lol

    1.) Yup, I scream!
    2.) Last time it snowed in FL was 30 some years ago. I lived in Ohio all my life up until 3 years ago, so I guess I took the snow for granted.
    3.) Haven’t played in it in years. I think I’ll add it to the bucket list. It’s good to be a kid. Never grow up!

    • I hope the girls will re-create these memories with their own families when they are grown.

      Oh man, did I scream! Glad I’m not alone!

      Great addition to your bucket list. I know you will scratch that one off your list as complete soon.

  5. S. Le

    I love this post! Your girls are so cute and I love seeing families doing things TOGETHER! You look like you had a load of fun.

    NO, I am NOT a screamer. I’m a laugher and smiler.

    We do get quite a bit of snow in Northern Ohio.

    I used to play in it but don’t any more. Even though I love Winter, I get all achy and stiff. It comes with advanced age.

  6. Tammy

    What a great place! Glad you and your fam had a wonderful time.
    I can be a screamer.
    We don’t get much snow here in NC, but I love it when we do.

  7. Joy

    What a terrific video and such a nice trip. I miss the days of taking the boys on SNOW trips and skiing. I LOVED your screaming. I do it too!! LOL!!!

    What beautiful little girls. You have a very fine looking family. I loved the video and pics. Thanks for sharing.

    • LOL – glad to know you scream too, Joy!
      I hope your boys still go on snow trips & ski. Tom would like to teach the girls to ski. I’ll be in the lodge when that day comes. Or at the bottom of the slope taking pics!
      Thank you so much for the kind compliments.

  8. Lynn

    jean, i do love to watch the vids you post. such a happy family. that’s so cool.

  9. Sunny wishes she's been shopping

    LOL! Man, this looks like FUN!!! You all look so happy! (Love the “snowball” comment – hahaha!)

  10. It looks like you all had a GREAT time. That’s awesome Jean! Your girls even sold their first piece of artwork. It just doesn’t get any better than that! That hotel looks like my kind of place as well. FUN!

    1. I’m more of a moaner than a screamer. 😉
    2. OH YEAH, we get snow. LOTS of snow every year.
    3. I liked playing in it when I was a kid. Now that I am old and not cool anymore I would rather stay out of the cold wet stuff.

  11. Fantastic post Jean. I love the pictures. Snow is somewhat of a highly desired background for me as a photographer. I LOVE the colors of the girl’s winter clothing against the snow. you all look so happy and beautiful and I can feel the “good times” vibe thru my computer screen.

  12. Wonderful video looks like fun was had by all….I have some friends that drive some distance to let their childern play in the snow….I think that’s sooooo cool we never got to do stuff like that when I was young! But Always tried to do things like that with my kids!

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  14. Jean, what fun! Great pictures. The resort looked incredible. I would have been screaming too. 😀 I had to say hi to the Hatter’s other mommy blog winner.

  15. Tasneem R

    Yes I’m a screamer and I love to play with snow !

    The Snow Test – Discover your snowy personality!

  16. We had 24 inches in one shot last month .. no.. I am not a fan of snow right now!! LOL .. maybe in August I’ll come around

  17. It was so great to see Mt. Charleston! As many times as we’ve driven by the turn off, we haven’t turned off in a long long time. That will have to be a must next time we are in Vegas. That was hubby and mine’s favorite place to play … love the lodge for their irish coffee!!

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