Blogging Notes

When I have an abundance of thoughts in my head, I tend to blurt them out in the form of Blogging Notes.

Hubby: I’ve been having some strange dreams lately.
Me: Same here!
Hubby: Really? What did you dream?
Me: I dreamt there were two men on the ground. This lady was squishing one of them with her stilettoed foot, and she threw a couple of towels to the other guy who was about to earn his red wings. Disgusting! So I went into the kitchen and saw two gray bats swimming around a dead kitty in a fish tank. Then I woke up. What was your dream?
Hubby: Never mind.

Did you see that L’oreal came out with a roll on make-up? I’m surprised this doesn’t come with spackle.

The last time I made fun of a cosmetic product, I ended up buying it. Can I interest you in a tube of vibrating mascara that lost its mojo?

I found a cool website!, the police auction site. I lost an hour’s worth of time, easily, browsing the merchandise this morning. I even have a bid in on an item, so I’ll let you know how that goes. Check it out for unbelievably low prices on cameras, jewelry, video games, sports memorabilia, ipods, etc. Its a steal!

• Having strange dreams lately?
• Can you wait to try roll on make-up?
• Will you be bidding at the Police Auction?



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22 responses to “Blogging Notes

  1. Sherri

    Left you a comment on your MS blog.

    LMFAO @ the roll on make-up! So there’s no benefit to the vibrating mascara?

  2. Kathy

    I also tried vibrating mascara. Waste of my husbands hard earned money! Roll on make up? If it will make me look ten year younger I might try it.

  3. I love all of this! I referred the site for “deals” to my kids and hubby. I hope you get what you are bidding for. I am sure they will want to try to get some stuff. I will let you know! Have a great week! Love the joke! 🙂

    • Great! I hope your kids and hubster win an auction! We were just outbid on one item, but have a few more days to re-bid. We’re still high bidder on a separate items, so that’s looking good.
      LOL – the joke really happened. 😀

  4. S. Le

    So is that a “safe” site to buy stuff on then?

    That dream was vivid! What did you eat before turning in?

    If one needs roll-on makeup it may be time for Botox!

    • Boy, I’d hate for some criminal to ask for their stuff back. I think it is a safe site though as I saw it on the Today Show and E!’s The Soup.

      I’ve been eating peanut butter/chocolate ice cream with caramel topping and red hots. LOL!

      Here, here — time for Botox.

      Thanks for swinging by, S. Le. Happy Monday and MLK Day.

  5. I am going to go waste some time looking at the site myself! Maybe I will just have to bid on the Ian Ziering hand-signed head shot!

  6. WOW Jean you sure know where to go shopping…I will check it out later tonight!

  7. Joy

    I will also check out this site. The whole vibrating mascara has me LMAO!!! I’ve never heard of it and it sounds really funny.

    • I fell for that vibrating mascara last summer. I swore I’d poke myself in the eye, but worse, the make-up sales lady poked me in the eye! When my tears dried, I saw my lashes were noticeably longer so I bought a tube. It stopped vibrating after about a month, and there is no way to replace the battery. Doh!

  8. I love post like these, free flow ones. I’m going to check out that police site, it looks fun, but I won’t be bidding. Damn unemployment!

    I had a dream a few weeks back some crazy man ran up to me and jacked off on me in front of my stepson, and it was horrifying, not to mention just gross.

  9. Tasneem R

    How does the vibrating mascara work? I mean how does it look like? I have never heard of vibrating mascara !! LOL!

    Make-up Personality -What does your make-up say about you?

  10. Wow, you have some rather interesting dreams Jean. You should post more of them. LOL

    No comment on the makeup thing. I saw the commercial and laughed when I saw it. I don’t wear any makeup here. Not even guyliner. 😦

    That is awesome! I looked around there for a while and saw some pretty cool stuff. They have some really neat stuff!! 😀

    • LOL, Gary! I was holding back a little so I wouldn’t gross anyone out.

      I haven’t seen the commercial for this silly make-up! I’ll be on the look out for it now. What show were you watching?

      We were outbid on a video camera, but still have a bid in on another item. I heard from one of my MySpace friends that she actually bought a topaz ring for her Mom from PropertyRoom. Cool! Hope you find something and don’t get outbid.

  11. Anything that vibrates is a good thing… but I’m more disturbed with the Ian Zering head shot and who the hell would actually bid on it!

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