Refrigerator Art

It’s been a while since I’ve showcased my daughters’ art. They love to draw daily using pens, pencils, markers and crayons. Sometimes they’ll paint or create little sculptures with “squishy” (Play Doh). I hope you will enjoy their recent sketches.
Natalie, age 7, loves to draw girls. She has a unique style, a steady hand, and is surprisingly quick at completing her scenes.
• Fashion Girls •

• Liv Dolls •

• Dancers •

• Love At First Sight •

• Project Runway Workroom •

• Making New Friends •

Pearl, age 5, draws whimsical scenes. She has a lot of confidence, and is always pleased with her results.
• She’s A Star •

• Fairy Love •

• Big Cat •

• Sweet Heart •

• Blue Princess •

• Sophie •

Thanks for visiting the girls’ gallery!


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40 responses to “Refrigerator Art

  1. Jean,

    Your girls are very creative and artistic! I love both of their drawings. I think it’s important that children express their creative selves and your girls really show who they are through their drawings.

    lol…you can tell they watch Project Runway with you too!

  2. Thank you Sherri! It was so hard narrowing it down to 6 and 7 pieces. They have so many drawings, and even drew 2 fresh pieces when they realized what I was doing.

    Oh, yes, they LOVE seeing Heidi and the designers on Project Runway.

  3. Tell the girls they did a great job!!! Very talented!!

  4. I love seeing kids’s art.. ENCOURAGE! ENCOURAGE! ENCOURAGE!! .. art is a fantastic outlet for emotions and feelings and ideas..

    I was drawing from as early as I can remember and after I graduated from art school, one of the first things I did was to mentor kids your age who were going through difficult times.. it was very rewarding and helped them “say” things that they weren’t old enough to verbalize.

    … and who knows, maybe one day we’ll be cheering them on in Project Runway!! LOL!!

  5. WOW…you have some pretty talented girls there! I LOVE your work! I would just love to hang your art all over the place! Keep it going strong now! 🙂

  6. oh kids’s art, i love everithing about them

  7. Tammy

    I love your girls’ artwork!! Kudos to them both! You are such a great mom to encourage them to be artistic.

    I see some similar figure sketches in Pearl’s drawings. Is she inspired by Natalie or is it the other way around?

  8. These are all really creative and incredibly progressed for their ages. I am impressed! I think you must have nutured their artistic side quite a bit. Good for you!

    Can’t wait to see their work in a few years. 🙂

  9. This made me smile, Jean. I love their artwork and the way you’ve portrayed them as artists, each with their own unique style!

  10. Joy

    WONDERFUL. I just love these. My 2 boys and all 3 of my grandchildren love drawing and coloring, painting and making crafts. Both of your girls are very good at it. I think it shows such confidence to draw this way. I’ll bet you give them a lot of praise. It shows. Good for you.

  11. What great pictures! They both have some serious talent going on!

  12. Very cute pictures 🙂 I happen to love children’s art

  13. Deb

    Your comment didn’t show up over at my place….
    Looking forward to more girl art…can’t wait until the tell you they want to design their own clothes….better start looking for a good sewing machine!!!

  14. Angelia – Thank you! I’m excited to think how their drawing skills will change & improve over the years. 😀

    Just Kate – Thanks! I think they are little artists. All of these comments are so invigorating to them (and to me, their proud Mom).

    Hi Joy! Yes, I praised them all the time, and have special storage bins to keep their art. That is so fantastic that your sons & grandchildren are creative. It’s a wonderful way to spend time, drawing & crafting.

    Just a Mom – Thank you!!

    SweetieGirzl — Thanks! Me too. I just love it!

    Hi Deb — I’m sorry my comment didn’t show up. 😦 I had that problem with Montana Lady’s blog too. I tried my wordpress account and my blogger account, but neither of them worked. Oh gosh, sewing?! I’m excited by the prospect of them designing their own outfits. I hope they do because I will totally be behind them.

  15. YOUR 7 YEAR OLD DREW THOSE FIRST ONES? You realize you have two little artists on your hands on’t you?

    I’m serious when I say how astounded I am .

  16. Tasneem R

    Well I loved the drawings !! I mean at 7 and 5 this kind of work is simply outstanding !

    Your Child’s Aptitude
    Find out if your child is an aspiring artist or a mini scientist.

  17. Lynn

    yes jean, they do have their own unique artistic style. there’s real potential here and it’s so cool of you to facilitate their interest in art! i love coming here, it’s nice to see a blog about family for those of us to vicariously live our lives through your sweet family.

  18. those are amazing! I still have my kids artwork on the fridge..makes me sad cuz they are now 18 and 22.

  19. I’m just going to echo everyone here: THEY ARE AMAZING! So impressive that they both have their own distinct styles at such a young age. Good for you for encouraging their talent!

  20. I fall for those superb and cute art photos,

    cool blog, 😉

    • Jen512, thank you! I agree; they both do have their own style. One of my friends asked how I could tell their drawings apart. It seems easy. Maybe in time it will be more difficult.

      Hi Jingle! Welcome! I will have to check out your blog too. I love new visitors. Thank you very much for the compliments. 😀

  21. Your daughters are very talented.
    I like them drawings.I hope that will keep having fun in the future too because i see that them really enjoy to imagine beautiful stuffs 😉

    Have fun you too,my friend!

  22. Wow….your girls are VERY talented artists. My five year old just draws lines and things and you have to ask him what it is. LOL You can plainly see what these sketches and paintings are. 😀

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