Jesus Really Does Save (Updated)

This blog was originally posted on MySpace March 9, 2009. An update follows.
This morning, on Tom’s return trip from dropping Natalie off at school, he was pulled over for speeding. As he was waiting for the officer to do whatever it is officer’s do, Tom noticed something odd in his rear view mirror. “That’s something you don’t see every day”, Tom remarked to the officer. What caught their eye? A man pulling a huge cross along the highway. The cop took one look at Tom and said, “Today’s your lucky day. Now that we’ve seen Jesus, I’m going to let you go with a warning.”
Tom came home with a gleam in his eye, and I immediately knew something was up. Neither of us could believe his luck! But wait! He hadn’t taken a picture! The man couldn’t have gotten far, so Tom grabbed a camera and headed out. Didn’t take Tom long to find him hauling his cross (which conveniently has wheels on the bottom) further into town. Tom pulled over and snapped his photo. The man waved, approached Tom, and said the photo would cost him one dollar.
The two struck up a conversation. Tom is so personable, and apparently so is the man with the cross. Turns out his name is Cross Carrier Chuck, and he has been walking across the United States since 2000. It’s a ten year mission, and at the end of it, he’s going to write a book.
Tom gave C.C. Chuck (and his cross) a ride to Laughlin, and enough money to buy him a decent breakfast at any one of the casinos. Chuck’s next destination is, appropriately enough, Sin City.


UPDATE: The story did not end there. Far from it. Chuck’s feet were hurting, so he turned his cross around and returned to our town. Meanwhile the story of Tom’s lucky encounter with “Jesus” was blazing through the grapevine. As Chuck pulled his cross in front of the window of a local Bar & Grill, the patrons phoned Tom to say, “Jesus is back!” Tom hopped into his truck, caught up with Chuck, and bought him a bowl of soup.
Day turned to night, and Tom brought Chuck home for dinner. During the course of the evening, we discovered some interesting things about Chuck.
• His mother’s name is Mary.
• His favorite cocktail is the Long Island Iced Tea.
• His favorite pizza is ham, pineapple and anchovies.
• The cross is not a chick-magnet.
• He likes Rice Crispy Treats, but doesn’t know who Michael Phelps is or why Michael adorned my box of Treats. (One collectible down the drain.)
With the help of our friends, we were able to treat Chuck to a week’s stay at a local hotel. After speaking with his mother, we helped him establish a bank account using our address for his statements. His parents put money into his account, and he is able to make withdrawals with his ATM card. When the statements arrive, we are tempted to open them and see where Chuck has been. Instead, I file them away on the off chance he returns.
Chuck caught a bus and headed to the bible belt as Easter was on the horizon. He abandoned his cross in Needles, CA, where the bus station is located, and anticipated building a new cross when this particular journey was over.
You can find videos of Cross Carrier Chuck on YouTube. It was fun to show him the internet while he was here, and he could recall in great detail the circumstances behind being filmed.
If you ever run across Chuck, buy him a Long Island Iced Tea from me!



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25 responses to “Jesus Really Does Save (Updated)

  1. I’ve seen him before along the side of a highway. What a wild story! Great to see the update a year later. After all these years that is still what he wants to do. I couldn’t imagine seeing the internet for the 1st time. I bet it was overwhelming. No wonder he took up his cross again. HA!

  2. Well….a first for me! 🙂 Have a great week!

  3. Damn, where was he six months ago when I was getting a speeding ticket in Olathe, Kansas? I could have used him. I’m sure those cops are a pretty religious bunch.

  4. I have never seen or heard of this guy. What a cool post Jean. You had a real life star in your home.

    I think it’s great that you opened your home and hearts to him. You don’t see that much anymore. Of course there are reasons for that. With all the freaks running around out there people have to protect themselves and their family.

    I think what you are doing for him is awesome and kudo’s to you and Tom! 😀

    • Wouldn’t it be funny if you ran across him now?

      When Tom called to tell me he wanted to bring “Jesus” home for dinner, I told him I completely trusted his judgment. There are a lot of kooks, that is for sure. I’m glad this guy turned out fine, and that we were able to extend our hospitality.

      Thanks, Gary!

  5. Era

    That’s a great story. It reminds me of a bible verse that mentions we sometimes entertain angels without knowing it when we are kind to strangers.

  6. Oh, my gosh, I’ve heard of this guy! You had him to dinner? That is so darn cool, good for you guys.

    I loved that the cop gave him a warning once they both saw him, so nice!

  7. Tony

    I thought it was ironic that his mum’s name was Mary. Wonder if he has a dad named Joseph???
    So having CC Chuck for dinner is kinda like you guys are minor celebrities now!!!
    He didn’t have 12 friends accompanying him did he???

    • Thank you, Era. It was a very spiritual experience being around him.

      GFTG, yes, we got him his own Hawaiian pizza with a side of anchovies. We were thrilled Tom got off with a warning. That would have been an expensive ticket.

      Tony, we thought that was funny too, that his Mom is Mary. LOL! Too ironic. I don’t know about being celebrities, but maybe there will be a mention of us in his book. 🙂 LOL @ the 12 friends. Good to see you back, Tony.

  8. eye opening news, my first time!
    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Tammy

    Luke 6:31
    What an inspiring story, Jean! You and Tom are awesome!
    I hope I get to meet C.C. Chuck one day.

  10. Woooow.This is something really interesting. I think that he understands better now how Jesus was take His cross.

    Take care, my dear friend!! 🙂

  11. Very funny post.

    Interesting to know that the cross was not a chick magnet.

    • Hi Jingle! This was a first for me too!

      Awww, thanks, Tammy! I hope you will get to meet Chuck too. Keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

      Hi Alina – Thank you for the award! Yes, Chuck must understand a bit how it feels to carry a cross. Amazing that he has been on this journey for so long.

      Hi Carol! Thank you for visiting & commenting. You are very funny as well! I enjoyed swinging by your blog this morning. Yep, the cross might get you a few cocktails, but it can’t guarantee the ladies will come a’calling. LOL!

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  13. Ji

    have a fun weekend!

  14. Jean, that’s crazy. I loved this story the first time round, but man…you got to eat dinner with Cross Carrie Chuck? Your husband is cool Jean. I love the way you make your stories come to life. I’m sure Chuck appreciated your hospitality and generosity. Much ❤

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