Spring Break 2010

Even the youngest students have Spring Break. Although we didn’t escape to a tropical location, we had a lot of local fun. The girls experienced their first round of Miniature Golf. We didn’t keep score, and we didn’t have many rules other than to hit the ball and have fun.
When I showed hubby this video I made, he thought the singer was saying, “Awww… Bullshit!” If you see how we play, bullshit is an appropriate description! Now I can’t get Tom’s version out of my head.

So, the little video camera I’m carrying now is called the Flip Ultra. It’s small, takes 2 AA batteries, stores up to 2 hours of video, has a USB port to download to your computer, and plugs into your tv for viewing. It’s….. GREAT! I give it 4 out of 5 stars. My only complaint is that their zoom causes the image to blur.
Other Flip video cameras are rechargeable, but I like the ease of buying batteries where ever I might be. I bought mine at Staples.com because they offer great coupon deals.
• How was your Spring Break?
• Do you enjoy miniature golf?
• Have you flipped for the Flip?
Thanks for reading and commenting.



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18 responses to “Spring Break 2010

  1. I think that it was a very funny and entertaining moment for you and your familly!
    Your girls are very funny! 🙂
    The song is great!I know it!Always old songs are much listen than new one!!
    Thank you for share it with us few moments from your familly life,dear Jean!! 🙂

    Have a magnificent week-end!! 🙂

  2. excellent. way better than my spring break.

    that song is a personal fav

  3. I love this video. It remined me of when I took my two boys mini golfing. They had a tendency to get tooo upset! Your girls looked a lot calmer! lol 🙂 Be sure you get in some of the videos. When you are in charge, you get left out! Be sure to aim a few shots on you! lol 🙂 I am glad you all got to spend some quality time together! 🙂

  4. Ji

    smart move,
    enjoy the fun!

    you smile lighten up my day!

  5. Ji

    my kids used to play mini-golf when we are on vacations…
    thank you for the reminder…

    Greetings from Jingle
    I miss you.

  6. S. Le

    Mini golf is so fun.

    Nice camera!

  7. Ji


    hope that you nominate more,
    three categories,

    humor 1-15 blogs,
    short stories, 1-15 blogs,
    art or cartoon, 1-15 blogs…

    yes, purple hatter is cartoon type…
    thanks a million!
    you rock!

  8. That video was awesome! Loved Thom’s moves with the feet ever so slying helping to guide the ball to the hole.

    Jean, it so fun to come hang out here. That Flip vidoe camera is a neat little gadget. I’d love to have one of those.

    Lol..lots of gadgets to carry around now. Digital camera, cell phone, Flip video cam, iPad…lol where does it end? 🙂

  9. Ji


    would you mind copy and paste this comment to purple hatter’s blog,
    his blog is closed for comment,
    my wordpress goes spam, thus please help me notify him the art award he has won in my place.
    thanks a lot.

  10. Spring break around here sucked because the kids were home .. they were home ALOT because of all the snow we had this year..

    I did flip for the FLIP .. just haven’t been able to get one yet and the people at WalMart are tired of me playing with their display models!!

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