Naked Pirate

I didn’t see any naked pirates, but I did see bikini clad wenches this Memorial Day Weekend at the Naked Pirate Beach Bar. The holiday marks Pirate Cove Resort’s one year anniversary. The resort is located on Park Moabi Road, 11 miles southeast of Needles California, along the Colorado River.
Even though the resort was packed with partiers, we had no wait at the bar for cocktails and a less than five minute wait for a table in the restaurant. Our window seat overlooked the balcony bar plus the river, and there was no shortage of eye candy. Boats of all sizes cruised up and down, and the water taxis were in constant use.
Our lunch was served quickly and the food was delicious! The fried calamari was served on a bed of french fries, and the pulled pork sandwiches were so large, we could have split one.
The dj’s music wasn’t too loud, and the dance floor had more lurkers than dancers. Before leaving, I had to take photos and video of the scene. I will definitely return here, and will bring the children if it isn’t a busy holiday.




Sea Plane

Hubby enjoying a rum & coke.

Water Taxi

Cabins available for rent.
• How are you spending the holiday?
• Would you visit the Naked Pirate?

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32 responses to “Naked Pirate

  1. We’ve been working outside in intermittent rain, running fence and trimming trees. We used to spend Memorial Day weekend at the river in wet suits, jet skiing. Lately, we’ve been working, working, working (it’s been forever since we’ve had any kind of a vacation) but sometimes the work feels like play.

    Seriously, working outside with my family is one of my favorite things to do, but would I visit the Naked Pirate? In a heartbeat. I looked at your photos and wanted to throw off my hoodie and leap right into them, grab the drink out of your hubby’s hand and go play.

  2. Your hubby is so cute with his rum and coke. Arrrgh, Matie!

    This looks like the hot spot! I love all the boats. What fun!! I would have enjoyed all the people watching and dancing. Very cool. :–)

    Happy Memorial Day!!

  3. Sunny Wishes She Were Shopping

    OMG!! Too much fun!! Love the plane. And Tom looks so happy 🙂 I’m glad you guys are having FUN!!

    • Kate – I’m sure all your hard work is paying off, and is very rewarding. I wanted to throw off my cover-up and join the par-tay! I wondered why hubby suggested I wear a swimsuit. LOL!

      Angelia – Thanks! Those drinks were tasty. It sure was the hot spot. Other beachfront hangouts heard crickets chirping. Happy Memorial Day to you too! You holiday blog is wonderful!

      Sunny – It was fun! We should bring you two next time you’re in town. It was great to get a sitter and enjoy a date. Love you!

  4. S. Le

    Not the sort of place I’d go but the food and drinks sound fab!

  5. Sherri

    Jean, that place looks fun! My b/f and I spent Saturday and Sunday @ the beach, but today we are chillin’ and BBQing. Looks like you are both having a good time.

    • S.Le – I’ll bet during off season it would be just right. 😀

      Sherri – How fun to be at the beach! I hope you got bigger floats!! LOL. Have a fantastic day!

    • I know right…believe it or not we had an awesome time in the water with those piddley diddley (squat) rafts! Hey, I just now noticed the Water Taxi, I love our WT…Convenient to use when contemplating a night of cocktails up and down Lauderdale beach 😉

      • Sherri – I’m going to look for those dollar rafts at our store! You make them sound so much fun!
        Water Taxi’s are great. I haven’t actually used one, but I like that they are available. 😀

  6. Drink up me hearties yo ho yo ho! Actually it looks kind of sunny for my tastes …

  7. u r so very cute!
    lovely post,
    beautiful you!


  8. This place looks like a load of fun. 🙂 I would love to visit it. I can see by the happy smiles on your photos that I would also want to join in. 🙂 Thanks for the info. I have never heard of this place. Needles is hot. I passed it a few times. 🙂 Have a fun week.

  9. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!



  10. Joy

    I would FOR SURE go there. It looks like a great time. Any place that has sun, water, boats and alcohol…mmm…what more can you want??

    We spend Memorial Day getting the cabin we rented for the summer ready. I’m spending today trying to pack up things I want to leave there for the summer so I’m not lugging crap back and forth.

    PS….I wanna sip of you hubby’s drink 🙂

  11. Naked Pirates! Sounds like fun, the food sound great, calamari on a bed of fries, I’m there! So many boats that really is amazing.

    What did we do for Memorial day? Fetching the neighbors cat out of our tree, Spring cleaning the house and a trip to the cemetery with flowers. No Summer sun fun, maybe soon camping or something like that.;+)

    • Yay, Joy! I would meet you there for a cocktail and “sight-seeing”. 😀
      Have a wonderful time @ your cabin! That sounds so peaceful.
      I stole a few sips from hubby’s drink too!

      Hi Starla! I couldn’t believe how many boats, nor how awesome the food was!
      The cat rescue in your blog is amazing. I encourage everyone to get over there and check out the pics.
      We’re doing a little Spring cleaning here too.

  12. Ah man, I wanted to see me some naked pirates!! Oh well. I’ll just have to use my most fantabulous imagination.

  13. Oh, wow, this looks fun. For a girl who lives in a peninsula, I rarely hang out by the water. I wish I had a boat, or better yet, a best friend who had a boat. I missing out!

    Glad you had fun, and the only pirates I saw this weekend in New York were ones dressed up at the L.Ron Hubbard event at the BookExpo, lol!

    • Awesome, Luisa! Let me know if you’re coming through. 😀

      Girl From The Ghetto – I wouldn’t want to pilot a boat, but I sure love being a passenger. You saw more pirates than I did last weekend. LOL!

  14. Oh WOW! Now THAT looks like MY idea of FUN! PLEASE take me with you next time you go!!

    So to answer your question, yes I wold visit the Naked Pirate. Hell, I would probably get naked WITH the pirate! 🙂

  15. Oh yeah, flat Tony would have a ball there! LOL I don’t think I could get naked if you were there though. I would make for an awful blog post on your blog. I have a rep here in the blog world I have to live up to ya know. LOL

  16. Drats… I googled Hot Sexy Wenches & ended up at this blog. Thanks for the 1st photo

    Yeah Take Flat Tony there!!! to the Bikini clad wenches I mean not to naked pirate men…

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