Cocktail Recipe & Give-Away

Tommy BahamaDuring my most recent visit to Vegas, I stopped at the new Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar in Town Square. Their Blackberry Basil Smash was so delicious, I knew I had to recreate the recipe at home.
• 2-3 large, fresh blackberries
• 2 fresh basil leaves
• 3 slivers of fresh, peeled ginger
• 1 shot white rum
• 1 shot sweet and sour mix
• Sprite
Muddle blackberries, basil and ginger in mixing glass. Add rum and sweet & sour mix. Fill serving glass with ice. Shake cocktail. Strain into serving glass. Top with Sprite. Garnish with basil leaf & blackberry.

Leave a comment, and your name will be added to the drawing for a Tommy Bahama natural wooden muddler.
• Have you enjoyed a muddled drink?
• What store do you wish would open a restaurant?
• What will be your Summer 2010 drink?

Check out Tommy Bahamas Drink of the Month for more great recipes!

Give-Away Rules: Drawing will be held August 1, 2010. One entry per household. Comments accepted at Facebook, YouTube and WordPress. Two winners will be announced 8/1/2010.



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29 responses to “Cocktail Recipe & Give-Away

  1. No I’ve never had a muddler.
    Do you think Target would do well in the restaurant industry?
    I’m going to try your drink…just as soon as I recover from my hang-over last night. Wow, sometimes it just sneaks right up on ya!

    Love your videos Jean. You’re a natural behind the camera!

  2. Omgah!! That sounds sooo good. I will have to watch the video when I am not mobile.
    Blackberries – yum!!

  3. Jean, that drink sounds wonderful. I had to look up muddled (duh!) so no, I’ve never made one, but I’m intrigued. I’m pretty much a neophyte when it comes to mixed drinks.

    I think Costco should open a bar and then give out free samples like they do with their food. I would sooooo shop there every day.

    I’m not a very adventurous drinker, I pretty much stick with wine, but if someone else was mixing I think I would be willing to let your drink be my summer fav! Either that or a really good margarita (they have to be done right, you know). xx

  4. I’m in love with Kristin’s idea of opening a bar at Costco with free samples… I’ve always been annoyed by the whole sample thing. I just want to get in and out and get my damn shopping done, but I’d TOTALLY slow down for a sip of something slushy and yummy. =D

    A few years back we went to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico – it was AMAZING – and I loved sampling different drinks and having them brought to me poolside, ocean-side, or wherever I happened to be. I couldn’t tell you what all I drank, only that everything I liked best was slushy and sweet.

  5. Hi Kristin – Muddling was new to me too. Fabulous idea about Costco! I love wine and margaritas too, and would be more than happy to mix you a blackberry basil smash. 😀

    Hi Kate – That Kristin is a smartie! She makes shopping @ Costco sound good with free cocktail samples. Mmmmmm, frozen cocktails at a resort sound heavenly!

  6. I’m going to a party tonight and have been asked to bring drinks so I’m going to bring the ingredients to make Blackberry Basil smashes!

    • That is so cool, Kristin! After making 5 or 6 of these, you’ll be a pro… and feeling no pain. 😀
      If your hosts don’t have a shaker, you can stir. If they don’t have a muddler, use the back of a spoon or fork.
      Have a fantastic time!!

  7. We just shot a video of all of us enjoying your smashes. We’re a little smashed. The consensus is: YUM!!

  8. Happy July 4th!

  9. We….no, I can not say I have had the pleasure of experiencing this type of drink…yet. lol 🙂 I manage to find stuff everywhere. The more places to go, the better. I am open to suggestions…besides drinking water and iced tea all the time, lol 🙂

  10. Tammy

    Very nice instructional video, Jean! I’m still thinking about that GINORMOUS bottle of rum. Whoa, you must mix some serious drinks. LOL.
    Seriously, The drink looks delish.
    I love blackberries! My son and I have picking wild ones on a nearby street. They grow wild here and are yummy.
    Hope you had a nice 4th. 🙂

  11. Joy

    I’ve never had a drink like this but it sure does look good.

    I’d have to think over what store I’d like to open a restaurant.

    My new favorite summer drink is called Miami Vice and it’s a strawberry daiquiri and Pina Colada, mixed. You mix them in separate blenders and then pour into each side of glass. It will be pink on one side and white on the other and when the flavors blend it’s delicious.

    • Awesome, Luisa! It’s great you are open to suggestions. These ingredients sounded so good, I couldn’t pass it up.

      Thank you, Tammy! LOL! That rum bottle is gigantic! I didn’t even think about that. The Tommy Bahama White Rum bottle is much sleeker, but I couldn’t locate any in my town. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a wild blackberry! Thank you – our 4th was nice with a spectacular view of the fireworks from our deck. I hope you & your family had a great holiday as well.

      Hi Joy! I’d fix you this drink. It’s tasty! Wow! your summer drink sounds AWESOME! ::: slurp! :::

  12. Sunny Wishes She Were Shopping

    Gulp! That was delicious!!!

  13. what the heck is a muddler????

  14. Deb

    I recently muddled with raspberries, gigglz….now I have to go to the store tomorrow and stock up on blackberries and basil so I can try this. We are going to invite friends over for brunch Sunday–I think I have found a new brunchalicious drink!
    Thanks for sharing this!!!

  15. Deb, you will love this cocktail! How did your muddled raspberries turn out? I’ve been wanting to try blueberries. Yum!
    Will enter your name in the drawing.

  16. My herb garden is overflowing right now and I would love a muddler! How about chocolate mint and vodka? Or lemon balm and gin? Or something with basil and cucumbers? I love my summer bounty!

  17. The WINNERS of the Tommy Bahama Muddlers are Kate of Unequivocal Kate, and Angelia of Living, Loving, Laughing! Congratulations, ladies! Please private msg. me your mailing info. Thanks everyone for playing! ♥

  18. I can no longer say that I never win anything. 😉 Thank you for the muddler, Jean. It arrived in the mail yesterday and looks a bit like a medieval dildo.


    It does. My husband raised an eyebrow when he saw it and said, “What’s THAT?” Maybe we’re just sick over here. lol

    ANYWAY, I’ve got plenty of blackberries to muddle so I’ll give it a spin shortly.

    Thanks Jean!

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