GoDaddy Bites

I’m so used to sharing advice, tips and tricks, but this time I’ve hit a wall. I’ve been dabbling in switching from to Everything I’ve read says how easy it is. Just export your files here, and import there. It isn’t that easy though. I purchased a domain name and three months of WP hosting from godaddy, but the import failed due to my Videopress files.
Godaddy customer service is no help at all, suggesting I post questions at the forum. I posted, and am waiting.
Meanwhile, I tested some features. On the up side, they have a ton of templates! On the down side, you need a plugin for practically everything! Your dashboard doesn’t show stats. You need a plugin for that. You can only add one box of text to your sidebar, unless you stall a text widget. Askimet, the spam blocker, is a plugin. Here area few others: Top Comments, Search This Blog, Feedburner, and Contact Form. Features we take for granted at
To end on a positive note, I do want to tell you about a great blogging community, Blog Frog. It’s fun to sign in and see the What’s Happening Now topics scrolling as members post comments. If you sign up, befriend me over there, would ya?




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14 responses to “GoDaddy Bites

  1. Well, part of me wants to check this out and part of me says it may mean even MORE time blogging. lol 🙂 I have a GoDaddy .com. I have had no problems. It has my wordpress stuff going to it. My son set it up for me. 🙂 Good Luck with your situation. 🙂

  2. Tammy

    Awww c’mon! I just got figured out! LOL
    I’m afraid I’ll really screw things up if I start “tinkering” with anything.

    Good luck with yours. FYI, all tech support people suck! (IMO) Except for my sister in-law’s husband, who is a computer nerd genius. 🙂

    • Hi again Tammy. I think my 1st reply wasn’t even on the mark. Doh! I know what you mean about figuring out Don’t know why I wanted to open a whole new can of worms. I’m slowly backing away from, and am not planning to renew my hosting plan with godaddy. What was I thinking? 🙂

  3. Daaaannnng Jean, you’re always up on the latest… I’m a lagger when it comes to this stuff. I’m not as computer/internet savy and knowledgeable as you are.

    I’m sure it’s just like anything that is new…ya have to get to know it before you can trust it and it gives back…lol.

    Good luck and dont’ forget to share your tips with us once you figure it out. And I know you will 😉

    Imma go see why that blog frog is all the rave 🙂

  4. OMG Jean!!! I can’t stand goDaddy!!! Much prefer … Now I’m going to check out the and probably be up all night contemplating a switch… 😦

  5. Tammy – I may have described BlogFrog incorrectly. It’s like a coffee house or a mixer. You don’t blog there, but bloggers chit chat there. Possibly make new friends and get new readers. 🙂

    Sherri, you have many talents and are a busy woman. I, on the other hand, have a lot of down time. LOL. I will share more tips if I get the hang of it. See you at the frog!

    Hi Leese. Thank you for the tip re: squarespace! I was hoping to get some good advice. I will check into it. Dot org is good if you want to put Google Ad Sense or other ads which could possibly make you some money. Should have no kinks if you don’t have Videopress on your dot com.

  6. Joy

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such trouble. I also had trouble trying to design my own blog and I totally understand about all the import/export stuff not working and everyone says “it’s so easy.” I’m sticking with what i have now. I love my new theme and can change it without having to go back to collage.

    I wish you good luck if you continue. If I could take a class and “see it,” that would be for me. I have a hard time unless I can see it.

    • Thank you, Joy. I don’t see myself going forward with godaddy. If I attempt self-hosting again, I’ll check out squarespace, hostgator, or bluehost. For now, I’m super psyched with my new layout & header. 😀
      Your site ALWAYS looks great.

  7. I must admit…I was enticed and took a gander to see if GoDaddy had the domain name I wanted back during the superbowl. They did, but I never had time to look into it any further. This post definitely encourages me NOT to go there. LOL!

    I am incredibly amazed at all your technology know how! And, of course, I love blog frog!

    • Definitely check out your domain registration options, Angelia. I’ve now heard good things about squarespace and hostgator.
      Thanks so much for the compliments! Yesterday the whole family was involved in a green screen test. We had so much fun! Hubby set up the screen, cameras and microphones, eldest daughter wrote the script, and youngest daughter just looked cute. LOL!
      I was pleasantly surprised to find blog frog. I can hop in there and unwind. 🙂
      Happy Sunday!

  8. S. Le

    Sorry for your troubles.

    I’m joining BlogFrog. I’ll let you know then, shall I?

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