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Mini-Challenge #3: Blog Link PLUS JEWELS

Mini-Challenge #3: GIVE went well. I gave away 5 out of 7 PhotoShop User magazines. If you are interested in receiving one of the remaining mags, Click Here.

Accepting the challenge is Rissy’s Jewels. Follow the link for entry rules. Three lucky winners will choose from a wide selection of fun jewelry valued up to $15.00. Here are some pieces I have my eye on.

Since we’re on the topic, let’s talk jewelry. Aside from my wedding ring and stud earrings, I wear little jewelry. A couple of years ago when our financial situation was better, I invested in a few playful pieces that I truly adore.

Elizabeth Brady

Bamboo and semiprecious stone bangles.

Robyn Rhodes

The *Rita* Necklace as seen on HBO’s Entourage and on me.

Victoria Wieck

Citrine and White Topaz cocktail ring.

• What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?
• Is jewelry for every day or special occasions?
• Do you notice when others are wearing jewels?

Thanks for reading!



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Mini-Challenge #3: GIVE

Like the Red Hot Chili Peppers said, “Give it away, give it away, give it away now!”

Mini-Challenge #3: GIVE

If you accept the Challenge to Give, post your blog of give-aways by Tuesday, August 4th. I will link to all participants on the 4th.

Now for my give-away!

I have duplicate issues of PhotoShop User magazine. Many of you use or have an interest in PhotoShop, so I will give away these issues.

• First come, first serve.
• 1 issue per person/household
• Specify the issue you want.
• Postage will be paid by me.
• If I do not already have your mailing address, msg me.

Thanks for reading!

1) July/Aug. 2005: PhotoShop in Motion ~ Photorealistic Techniques ~ Camera Raw 3 To Goddess Anesidora

2) March 2006: Adobe Lightroom ~ Wacom tablet (pen) ~ Color Diagnosis TO GOOFYMOMOF4

3) December 2005: 100 PhotoShop (CS2) Cool Tips ~ Vanishing Point ~ Create Color Profiles TO GEORGIA

4) Apr./May 2006: Use PhotoShop w/Illustrator ~ Turn Photos Into Drawings ~ Shape Warp ~ Photographing Animals in studio TO STEVE

5) Apr./May 2008: After Effects CS3 & PhotoShop CS3 ~ Wedding Photography ~ Create Smooth/Silky Skin ~ Master Lightroom print module TO VALERIE

6) June 2006: Design DVD menus ~ Photoshop w/Video create artsy pencil-sketch effects ~ Design Multi-Layered Title Page ~ What Separates amateur from pro shooter? TO GARDEN GODDESS

7) June 2005: Create Digital Illustrations that look Photorealistic ~ Combine Camera Raw w/Smart Objects to create Smart Landscapes ~ Master Clone and Healing Tools

Note: The descriptions are summaries from the covers. PhotoShop User magazines are filled with articles, tips and ideas.


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Challenge #2: Blog Links!

Last week’s Mini-Challenge was to Cook something that, “strained your brain but delighted your senses.”

This culinary challenge was accepted by two of my friends.

Click here to discover what Red whipped up in the kitchen!

Click here to experience Dina’s twist on bbq!

Thank you, ladies for taking part, and for sharing your recipes with everyone.

I’ll reveal Mini-Challenge #3 later in the week.

• Do you have a favorite cooking show?
• What cookbook do you turn to time & time again?
• What is the oldest recipe in your collection?

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Mini-Challenge #2: COOK

Cooking hasn’t come easy for me. As teens, my best friend taught me two recipes: scrambled eggs and chili dogs.

I can’t cook fried chicken, and haven’t a clue how to grill a steak. I’m not the girl who shows up at a party with a fancy, homemade dessert. My mashed potatoes have been mistaken for potato salad. My omelets have been downright inedible.

Keeping all of this in mind, I’ve decided to challenge myself to recreate Bobby Flay’s Green Pea & Green Chile Soup. Did I really say that? Yes, I did.

In May, the same bff and I dined at Bobby’s Mesa Grill in Vegas. His soup was the tastiest food item to ever cross my taste buds!

I found the recipe at CBS’s The Early Show website. I googled poblano chiles, quizically reached for cream hoping it was the same as crème fraiche, and bought bacon as a replacement for Serrano Ham. Look, even the deli clerk was confused by my request for Serrano Ham, and suggested ::: ahem ::: bacon bits.

My eyes are watering as the chiles are roasting. Is that a good sign?

If all goes well, there will be a photo of the completed dish at the end of this blog.

Mini-Challenge #2: Cook something that strains your brain but delights your senses!

I’ll link the blogs on Sunday, July 26th.

I did it!

Look at these pretty chiles!

Note to self and to you: OMGosh, do not add too much cumin! Just a pinch. Phewy! Also, although the recipe calls for honey, it never suggests when you should add it. Even the video version doesn’t include honey.

Thanks for reading, and GOOD LUCK!

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Mini-Challenge #1: Geocaching

iPhone has a new Geocaching application. I installed it late last night, and was surprised to discover the Scarecrow Lady (from last month’s Picture of the Day blogs) had hidden treasure!

This morning, as soon the kids were awake, we searched their room for trinkets that we could exchange for the booty. Pearl didn’t want to part with anything, but Natalie chose two Build-A-Bear bows (elastic bows meant to slide over bear ears).

We piled into the car and made our way to the local landmark. Per instructions, we were not to disturb the scarecrow, her clothing, or her rocks. The small cache could be found “touching the base of her rock pile”. Could, but wasn’t. We failed.

At home, I signed in to to log our unsuccessful visit to the Valencia Lady. Noticing the prior two visitors were also unsuccessful, I emailed the last “hunter” who had found the cache. Let’s call him Buffalo Chip. Mr. Chip explained that I should contact the cache owner if I thought the site had been disturbed. I hadn’t realized caches had owners! This is a fascinating group.

I’d be willing to try this again. Coincidentally, there is a cache hidden at the exit of the Glider Rides, scene of my 44th birthday!

1st Mini-Challenge: Visit, enter your zip code, discover an easily identifiable location (notice I have not used GPS yet), and attempt to find a cache.

Share your adventure, and I will link all of the blogs into one post on Friday, July 17th.

Have you GeoCaught?
Will you try treasure hunting?
Do you have a trinket to exchange for booty?

Special thanks to Jim for inspiring me to try geocaching.


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