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Farewell Montessori

Two weeks ago, I was blinded by fury. I’m no longer mad, and can again see the benefits of the Montessori school system.
Our daughters have been on a waiting list for a local, celebrated academy. Montessori also receives high accolades for teaching and socializing children, but they have a hefty tuition whereas the academy is free. While on the wait list, we placed our children in Montessori. Our oldest daughter attended kindergarten through first grade while our youngest attended pre-K in the spring of 2010.
This past June, we received the call from the academy that our youngest had been accepted to start kindergarten. We were overjoyed! This bumped our oldest from the middle of the second page, to a prime slot on the first page of the wait list.
When I phoned the owner/teacher of Montessori, I was told since both daughters were not attending, our oldest daughter was not welcome. She feared the discussions our daughter would have with the other students, and talks we would have with the other parents. Our good fortune of attending the free academy could poison the waters of her private school.
A child who had done nothing wrong was being punished, leaving her friends and curriculum behind.
Thus our oldest was thrust into the public school system. To say my stomach was in knots would be an understatement. Her new campus was immense, complete with gym, cafeteria, media room, playgrounds, multiple grade levels, and even a school nurse. Montessori, in comparison, was a 2-room schoolhouse, intermingling grade levels from pre-K to 3rd, sharing one playground, one certified teacher and a few aides (parents).
Now that we have two weeks under our belts, I can safely say that Montessori did teach both of our daughters sound reading, math and social skills. This solid foundation will carry them well into their future. They love their new schools, are eager to learn, and have adapted well.
Things Montessori did NOT teach my children:
1) How to navigate a large campus.
2) How to establish a hot lunch account, and enter their 4-digit pin to pay for meals.
3) How to bring home school books.
4) How to do homework.
5) How to share food with your friends.
6) How to take a bus.
7) How to borrow books from the school library.
8) How to use a backpack.
9) How to hunt for ghosts in the school bathrooms.
Speaking of #9, I can’t believe Bloody Mary is still around! Who perpetuates that rumor?
• If you were a ghost, would you hang around a smelly, school bathroom?
• Have your children surprised you by adapting so well to a situation?
• Do you adjust well to change?



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Kittens In Da House!

We have kittens in da house! Ya, boy! Nine weeks ago a beautiful, black kitty adopted us. The girls named her Alexis after one of the new Liv Dolls. Alexis is the sweetest cat, far sweeter than the two we already have. (Shhhh… don’t tell Wiggles and Getta.)
We took Alexis in for her shots, and scheduled to have her spayed. As her surgery loomed, we noticed her getting quite plump. Sure enough, she was pregnant.
March 4th ~ Alexis arrived. May 3rd ~ Her five kittens arrived. Yes, just that fast.

• Does one of these kitties have your name on it?
• Do strays follow you home?
• How has May greeted you?


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Refrigerator Art

It’s been a while since I’ve showcased my daughters’ art. They love to draw daily using pens, pencils, markers and crayons. Sometimes they’ll paint or create little sculptures with “squishy” (Play Doh). I hope you will enjoy their recent sketches.
Natalie, age 7, loves to draw girls. She has a unique style, a steady hand, and is surprisingly quick at completing her scenes.
• Fashion Girls •

• Liv Dolls •

• Dancers •

• Love At First Sight •

• Project Runway Workroom •

• Making New Friends •

Pearl, age 5, draws whimsical scenes. She has a lot of confidence, and is always pleased with her results.
• She’s A Star •

• Fairy Love •

• Big Cat •

• Sweet Heart •

• Blue Princess •

• Sophie •

Thanks for visiting the girls’ gallery!


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Stumping Supernanny

Supernanny airs in 47 countries, earning reality show star Jo Frost a reported $7million from TV and book deals. The 36-year old nanny lives at home with her widowed father.

When parents are having trouble with unruly children, SuperNanny, aka Jo Frost, pulls up in her London Taxi and lays down the law. These children are lacking attention and discipline. Jo guides the parents to interact with their kids and establish a Naughty Chair.

Having now seen about a dozen episodes, I felt ready to introduce the Naughty Chair to my girls. They really aren’t naughty, but it’s good to have a plan. Last evening Pearl hit Natalie with a Barbie, so I sat Pearl down in a chair, dubbed it Naughty, and set the timer. Pearl has watched Supernanny with me. She knows she has to say sorry, so she set to that right away. I told her Natalie would accept her apology in 3 minutes.

Times up. Sorry. Hugs & kisses. All’s well.

Natalie then wanted a turn in the Naughty Chair! She sat in it, and wouldn’t get out. She wanted the timer set, and motioned with her fingers how many minutes she would like. Six, to be exact.

How do you punish a child who won’t get out of the Naughty Chair?

We have now scrapped the chair.

• How funny are your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews?
• Are you in favor of the time-out or the Wal-mart slap?
• Do you (without being too graphic) own a naughty chair?


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1st Play Date

Natalie and Pearl (far right) host their first Play Date.

Natalie (tallest in the photo) hosted her very first play date on Friday. Everything started well. The girls played in the pool while the Mom and I chatted under the trees. Pizza Man showed up, and we all took a break for lunch.

Soon the princess costumes were flying out of the closet, tiaras were donned, and make-up applied. It was all fun and games, but a dark cloud loomed on the horizon.

The second round of pool time didn’t go as smoothly. Tubes weren’t shared, noodles were stolen, and feelings were hurt. I noticed Natalie spending most of her time under water, and when she finally surfaced, she was sobbing. Her friends weren’t listening to her. I bundled her up in a towel and brought her to her room. She was distraught and wanted to be alone. That wasn’t happening though as 3 soaked girlies and a Mom marched into the room. Soon the tears had dried, and the rice krispy treats were being devoured. The Mom and I wandered to the dining room to continue our visit while the girls played in their bedroom.

Enter the storm that would end it all. The screams, the wails… we knew something was going terribly wrong. Do you know what we saw? Can you imagine it? A cute little imp wearing a Viking hat and armed with a bright orange fly swatter. She had envisioned Natalie, Pearl and her own little sister as flies, swatting their now red faces and arms!

What kind of game is that? I’ve heard of cowboys and indians, but flies and swatter?

Yes, the Play Date came to a swift end.

Do you have any experience in the Play Date Arena?
Do they usually end well?

Thanks for reading!

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