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Great Christmas of ’09

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Ours was magical as we were visited by not only Santa Claus but also the Tooth Fairy. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when those two met up in our home. I asked the kids to write a story or draw pictures of that event, but neither of them went for it.

We took a ton of pictures and video which I condensed to 2 minutes and 10 seconds. I have to give huge kudos to iLife software. MAC makes it so easy to edit, add music, and share. If you know of similar software for the PC, let me know. One of my friends is shopping around for an easy editing program.

Here’s a photo I took Christmas night outside of our bar room. I like how the back yard is reflected in the window, and how you can see straight through and out the window on the opposite side of the room. So much to take in all at once.

• How was your Christmas?


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Shitty Party Signs


1. You arrive 30 minutes late, yet the host & hostess are not ready.

2. The bartender chastises you for bringing your own beverages.

3. You’re the only one dressed in festive clothing.

4. Nobody gives a damn about your red socks (and I’m not talking baseball).

5. Partygoers that owe you money avoid you like the plague.

6. You spend three hours talking to someone you once fired because she’s the most interesting person present.

7. The host asks you if the shrimp smells fishy.

8. There are 2 places to congregate; the garage or the patio.

  1. There’s karaoke in the garage.
  2. It’s raining outside.

9. Men are looking for places to urinate in the yard.

10. You’re in the middle of four conversations because people keep wandering off.

11. You’re told one of your close friends has terminal cancer.

12. You’re not feeling jolly. As a matter of fact, you’re weeping.


• Have you seen any of these signs?
• What sign(s) would you add to this list?


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Reagan Christmas Trees

I’ve just returned from a visit with my sister. One of the highlights of the trip was touring the Reagan Library in southern California. From Nov. 18th to Jan. 10th the Library displays 26 Christmas trees representing the countries President Reagan visited while in office.

My sis was right. I have forgotten which trees are from which countries, but one thing is for certain. They are all gorgeous! I hope you enjoy this tremendous photo blog.

Coffee beans on the Columbian tree.

Snake on Indonesian tree.

My favorite tree.

• What tops your tree?
• Do you have any unusual ornaments?


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My Wish List

Santa, I’ve been a really good girl this year. Actually, I’ve been good for quite a few years, yet I haven’t seen hide nor hair of you. How about making up for lost time with a few items from my Wish List?


Two words. Alexander McQueen. Hello! Check out this clutch with built-in rings. Oh, Santa baby, I’d be the happiest kid on the block if you’d stuff this lil’ gem in my stocking.


I know this seems like an odd request, but please place Animatronic Elvis under my tree. Something about his battery-operated head makes me quiver. Does he have a “hum” setting? Oh, don’t forget the 8 D batteries!


Santa, I can hear you now. “What a greedy bi…”, but wait! You can satisfy my sweet tooth for around twenty dollars with Vosges’ Caramel Toffee Marshmallows. Pick up a 4-pack for yourself. They will melt in your jolly mouth, my good man.


If you still think ill of me, well so be it. Get your point across with Dirty Dishtowels (preferably not one I have to explain to the kids).


I think I’m letting you off easy, but a few of my naughty and nice friends have some special requests.

• What’s on your wish list?


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In Search of Snow – 2009

For the past 3 years, we’ve taken the kids in search of snow. A few weeks ago, we returned to our 2007 snowy destination, Mt. Charleston, Nevada. Mt. Charleston is 35 miles northwest of the Las Vegas strip, and about 142 miles from our home in Arizona.

Las Vegas was hit with 8″ of snow on December 17th, so we found plenty of snow to play in.

Tom and Pearl wasted no time building a snowman.

He looks like Caesar.

Did you notice Tom’s zebra hat? It’s actually Natalie’s, but she shares.

I tossed a few snowballs at Tom. He managed to catch them, return fire, and snap pictures. Damned multi-tasker!

The girls even managed to do a little bit of sledding.

It was a beautiful day! Soon, the sun began to hide behind the trees, and the lower temps were fast approaching. We drove down to our hotel and checked in.

Mt. Charleston Hotel

The Hotel was still decorated for Christmas.

We rented a couple of movies from the front desk.

True, these are 2 movies I wouldn’t normally rent, but Francis the Talking Mule was very helpful at West Point, and Michael J. Fox got the girl… and the money. Ooops, spoiler alert!
Last time, we ate breakfast at the Mt. Charleston Ski Resort. Beautiful views, but not a good meal. This time, we were able to find the Mt. Charleston Lodge! Beautiful views PLUS good food!

What’s with Pearl’s expression?!

Natalie with a red bump on her forehead from falling out of the sled.

Pearly with her big breakfast!

Tom tried his hand at video poker, but didn’t get lucky.

Get me a drink while you’re over there.

The Lodge has cabins for rent, but none have been available when it dawns on us to call.

It sure is picturesque!

Thank you for reading this gigantic photo blog!

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Christmas Shopping

Good morning! Yesterday I drove to Vegas to get my hair done and to Christmas shop.
New doo. Sorry for the serious bed-head.

At the House of Blues, I found the coolest gifts for my best friend, Joy, and her husband Cimber. They don’t read my blog, so it’s safe to post a couple pics here without ruining the surprise.

Blues Brothers bowling shirt and Day of the Dead cross.

I think Cimber wears bowling shirts 24/7, and Joy is really into skulls and crosses.
At Nordstrom, I stopped by the Lancome counter to pick up some makeup remover. While there, I asked if they had any rollerball lipgloss. Reminds me of my youth. Do you remember those flavored rollerball lipglosses? Well, they’re back… but all sold out. They did have the regular old wand lipgloss, and the colors are fantastic, so I bought one.

Lancome’s Color Fever Gloss in Aflame

I was also low on mascara, so I asked about that. The lady said, Sit down. I want to put some on you. So I sat down. Do you know what she produced? The vibrating mascara! She pushed the button, and began massaging my lashes. It felt oddly good, until she poked me in the eye! I kid you not! You all warned me it was an accident waiting to happen, and it sure as hell was! Ok, so after cleaning up the tears and smudges, I had to admit, my lashes looked MUCH longer! So, I actually bought the mascara. It does have a dual purpose. It’s a mascara, and a vibrator that leaves your pubes looking luxurious. Har har har!

When the lady poked me in the eye and apologized, I said, It’s ok. Why do we say it’s ok when it really isn’t? If she had warned me beforehand, I’m going to gouge your eye out with this vibrating applicator. Are you alright with that? I’d certainly have said, No. Are you out of your mind?

Let me get some more coffee in me. Have an awesome Saturday!


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Gifts I DON’T Want

*Return To Sender*
Do you know what I don’t want for Christmas? This neck warmer.

Available at Banana Republic.

First off, for $59.00 $35.40 (sale price), I’d expect to get a whole sweater, not just the neckband. Could they at least throw in the wristbands while they’re at it?

Available nowhere. This is a figment of my imagination.

I also do not want a marshmallow blaster, unless you are going to blast those puppies right into my mouth. It’s the thought of marshmallows going to waste that bothers me.

Pump-Action 50-Foot Marshmallow Blaster ($39.95) available at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Another item I’ll pass on is vibrating mascara.

Available at Sephora ($34).

A vibrator? Sure! Mascara? You bet! But not together!

What is on your *Return To Sender* list?

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