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Cocktail Recipe & Give-Away

Tommy BahamaDuring my most recent visit to Vegas, I stopped at the new Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar in Town Square. Their Blackberry Basil Smash was so delicious, I knew I had to recreate the recipe at home.
• 2-3 large, fresh blackberries
• 2 fresh basil leaves
• 3 slivers of fresh, peeled ginger
• 1 shot white rum
• 1 shot sweet and sour mix
• Sprite
Muddle blackberries, basil and ginger in mixing glass. Add rum and sweet & sour mix. Fill serving glass with ice. Shake cocktail. Strain into serving glass. Top with Sprite. Garnish with basil leaf & blackberry.

Leave a comment, and your name will be added to the drawing for a Tommy Bahama natural wooden muddler.
• Have you enjoyed a muddled drink?
• What store do you wish would open a restaurant?
• What will be your Summer 2010 drink?

Check out Tommy Bahamas Drink of the Month for more great recipes!

Give-Away Rules: Drawing will be held August 1, 2010. One entry per household. Comments accepted at Facebook, YouTube and WordPress. Two winners will be announced 8/1/2010.


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Naked Pirate

I didn’t see any naked pirates, but I did see bikini clad wenches this Memorial Day Weekend at the Naked Pirate Beach Bar. The holiday marks Pirate Cove Resort’s one year anniversary. The resort is located on Park Moabi Road, 11 miles southeast of Needles California, along the Colorado River.
Even though the resort was packed with partiers, we had no wait at the bar for cocktails and a less than five minute wait for a table in the restaurant. Our window seat overlooked the balcony bar plus the river, and there was no shortage of eye candy. Boats of all sizes cruised up and down, and the water taxis were in constant use.
Our lunch was served quickly and the food was delicious! The fried calamari was served on a bed of french fries, and the pulled pork sandwiches were so large, we could have split one.
The dj’s music wasn’t too loud, and the dance floor had more lurkers than dancers. Before leaving, I had to take photos and video of the scene. I will definitely return here, and will bring the children if it isn’t a busy holiday.




Sea Plane

Hubby enjoying a rum & coke.

Water Taxi

Cabins available for rent.
• How are you spending the holiday?
• Would you visit the Naked Pirate?

Naked Pirate Beach Bar on Urbanspoon


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How To: Make a Vodka Lemonade

How To: Make a Vodka Lemonade

I’m trying my hand at Video Blogging again!  This time I’m sharing our recipe for a lemonade cocktail.


• Crystal Light Pink Lemonade
• Ice
• Fresh Strawberries
• Orange-flavored vodka

Add ice to a tall glass.  Top with 2 halved strawberries.  Cover with lemonade.  Add 1 shot of flavored vodka.  Stir and enjoy.

Did you hear about the Bacon flavored vodka?!

Bakon Vodka

It’s currently available in Washington and Oregon, and is a key ingredient in Bakon Marys and Bakon Chocolate Martinis.

The combination of bacon and chocolate sounds good, like the candy bar Vosges in Vegas offers.  I think I’d mix hot cocoa with the bacon vodka and top with marshmallows or whipped cream. 

Speaking of candy, our daughter is attending 2 weeks of Candy Camp.  It’s offered through her school.  In the mornings, they make candy, and in the afternoons, they have their regular corriculum.  Yesterday she made chocolate covered pretzels, and today she made rice krispy treats.  I’m excited to see what she’ll bring home next.

Alright, the kids are cha-cha’ing all over the house.  I’d better go chase them around.  Where’d I leave my cocktail?

Thanks for reading!

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Forget Photoshop, Let’s Drink!

How To: Make a Michelata

I want to thank Jim for suggesting this topic, my sister, SimplySunny for sharing this recipe with me, and ShamrockMoon for sending me my awesome swizzle sticks.

VideoPress Video

• Beer
• Lime
• Ice
• Margarita Salt

1) Rub lime wedge around top of tall glass.
2) Rub glass rim in margarita salt.
3) Squeeze lime into glass.
4) Drop lime wedges into glass.
5) Add ice.
6) Pour in beer.
7) Stir
8) DRINK ::: cheers :::

What will you be drinking this Memorial Day weekend?

Thanks for reading!


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