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All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

If Crunchy Betty jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?
No, but when Crunchy Betty puts food on her face, you want to follow suit!
The genius behind Crunchy Betty is brunette beauty, Leslie. Leslie woos us with succulent photos, fascinating facts, and the benefits of bypassing our mouths and smearing food directly onto our skin.
Now before you peel that banana and do a face plant, I recommend you check out her site for honest to goodness recipes.
The glistening goo on my face is equal parts honey and almond oil with a droplet of Vitamin E oil. After rinsing, I glowed like a nubile virgin. My goopy face is now on display at the Gallery of Crunchy Betties.
Get your cameras ready and head to your kitchen or pantry.
• What food will you put on your face?
• Is that your head next to mine in the gallery?



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Delicious Diet Foods + bonus

Psssst! Come here. Yes, you. Let me let you in on a little secret. I don’t like to diet. Diet foods taste awful! It’s my self-appointed mission to find delicious healthy foods. They’ve got to be out there. This week I’m 2 lbs. lighter and giving 2 thumbs up to:

Yoplait Delights in Creme Caramel. I AM delighted! These delicious parfaits have only 100 calories per serving. Come to mama!
Slim-Fast Blueberry Muffin Bar. Full of flavor and only 140 calories. Is that oatmeal? Are those blueberries? Sign me up!

Dole’s Hearty Italian Salad Kit. Knock me over with a feather. This isn’t your typical bag o’salad. This mix has leafy greens, garlic croutons, cracked peppercorn, chunks of aged parmesan, diced salami, and a Chianti vinaigrette. ::: slurp! ::: Fava beans not included. A slimming 180 calories per flavorful serving.
Just so I don’t completely bore those of you not dieting, here’s a blast from my past. My Dad made my big noggin out of a punch ball and paper mache. Crafty guy, huh?
• What are you eating that’s surprisingly delicious and low-cal?
• When’s the last time you paper mache’d?
• Are you ready for Halloween?


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Jean Has BARELY Been Shopping

Times aren’t what they used to be. I remember being on a first name basis with my UPS driver. He’d bring deliveries two, three times a week. Now I’m lucky to get one package… per month.

Lately, few items are worth cracking open my wallet for and pulling out the ol’ American Express card.

Here is my short, sweet list of 2009 non-essential purchases:

Mario Badescu Keratoplast Cream Soap

This is the only cleanser that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Available at www.MarioBadescu.com. 6 oz. – $10.00

Wonder Woman Havaianas

The most comfortable flip-flops ever! Perfect for around town, and have even withstood a full day of walking in Vegas with no blisters! Available at www.Piperlime.gap.com. $35.00.

Food Network Magazine

Mmmm… when this arrives, I am drooling! Full of recipes and cooking gadget info. Available at www.FoodNetwork.com. Prices vary from $15 for 10 issues to $30 for 30.

YSL Touche Eclat

As a 40+ woman, I had a hard time finding an under-eye concealer that wouldn’t define the creases around my eyes. This product goes on so lightly, and works perfectly. Give the pen a few clicks, then brush on under-eye circles. Available at www.Sephora.com. $40.00.

Squeem Rubber Waist Cincher – High Compression

After reading about this, I had to try it. Granted, I can only wear it for about an hour at a time, but it makes my abs so flat, you could bounce a quarter off them! Available at www.ClassicShapewear.com. $51.50.

Eat This, Not That

From the editor of Men’s Health magazine come three versions of Eat This, Not That: Supermarket Survival, For Kids, and The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution. If you’re going to eat these foods (and I am), you may as well buy the healthiest ones. Available at www.Amazon.com. Prices vary. $11.97 avg.

Mouse Rug

This mouse pad has just the right texture, and makes my time spent PhotoShopping a breeze. Available at mouserug.stores.yahoo.net. Prices vary. 2009 styles are $19.95. Retiring styles are $9.95.

In these tough economic times, how have you decided to treat yourself?

Thanks for reading!


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