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All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

If Crunchy Betty jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?
No, but when Crunchy Betty puts food on her face, you want to follow suit!
The genius behind Crunchy Betty is brunette beauty, Leslie. Leslie woos us with succulent photos, fascinating facts, and the benefits of bypassing our mouths and smearing food directly onto our skin.
Now before you peel that banana and do a face plant, I recommend you check out her site for honest to goodness recipes.
The glistening goo on my face is equal parts honey and almond oil with a droplet of Vitamin E oil. After rinsing, I glowed like a nubile virgin. My goopy face is now on display at the Gallery of Crunchy Betties.
Get your cameras ready and head to your kitchen or pantry.
• What food will you put on your face?
• Is that your head next to mine in the gallery?



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Cocktail Recipe & Give-Away

Tommy BahamaDuring my most recent visit to Vegas, I stopped at the new Tommy Bahama Restaurant & Bar in Town Square. Their Blackberry Basil Smash was so delicious, I knew I had to recreate the recipe at home.
• 2-3 large, fresh blackberries
• 2 fresh basil leaves
• 3 slivers of fresh, peeled ginger
• 1 shot white rum
• 1 shot sweet and sour mix
• Sprite
Muddle blackberries, basil and ginger in mixing glass. Add rum and sweet & sour mix. Fill serving glass with ice. Shake cocktail. Strain into serving glass. Top with Sprite. Garnish with basil leaf & blackberry.

Leave a comment, and your name will be added to the drawing for a Tommy Bahama natural wooden muddler.
• Have you enjoyed a muddled drink?
• What store do you wish would open a restaurant?
• What will be your Summer 2010 drink?

Check out Tommy Bahamas Drink of the Month for more great recipes!

Give-Away Rules: Drawing will be held August 1, 2010. One entry per household. Comments accepted at Facebook, YouTube and WordPress. Two winners will be announced 8/1/2010.


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Arrogant Bastard Shrimp

What happens when you can’t find Voodoo Lager to make a batch of Voodoo Shrimp? You grab a pint of Arrogant Bastard Ale! So here’s my arrogant shrimp with a side of rosemary cornbread ala House of Blues. Enjoy!

My friend, Georgia gave me a package of El Torito Sweet Corn Cakes mix, and I’ve got to tell you, it’s delicious! You can order a 12-pack online through Amazon.com. I added 1 1/2 tsp. of fresh chopped rosemary and a 14-oz can of creamed corn to mine.

Special thanks to FoodMayhem.com for this defrosting tip. “Place frozen shrimp in a bowl and cover with cold water. Shrimp will be ready to use in 3-15 minutes.” For this recipe, you will need 6 shrimp per serving.

You could fry the shrimp in a pan, but I like Ina Garten’s technique for roasted shrimp (directions below).

Your cornbread’s in the oven. Your shrimp is defrosting. Time to cook the brew!

• 1 pint (3 cups) Arrogant Bastard Ale (or any black lager)
• 2 bay leaves
• 5 Tbs. Worcestershire sauce
• 1/4 tsp. black pepper
• 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper
• 1/2 tsp. dried basil
• 1/2 tsp. dried oregano
• 1/4 cup granulated white sugar
• 16 oz. heavy cream
• frozen, tail on/shell on shrimp (see above notes re: defrosting and serving size)
• 2 Tbs butter per serving
• 2 Tbs chopped tomatoes per serving
• corn bread (see above)
• fresh rosemary (1 1/2 tsp for cornbread, plus 1 sprig per serving for garnish)

1. In a large pot, combine beer, bay leaves, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, cayenne, basil, oregano, sugar and cream. Stir to dissolve sugar. Let this simmer at low-medium heat until it coats the back of your spoon.
2. Peel and clean your defrosted shrimp. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Place shrimp on foil-lined baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Drizzle with olive oil. Bake for 5-6 minutes.
3. Ladle 1/2 cup per serving of brew sauce into a frying pan. Cook over medium temp. Add 2 Tbs. butter per serving, let melt.
4. Add tomatoes and cooked shrimp to buttered sauce to coat.
5. Using an icecream scoop, spoon cornbread into serving bowl. Top with 6 shrimp, tomatoes, and sauce. Garnish with rosemary sprig, and serve.

There is still a lot of brew sauce leftover, which I am keeping fresh in my refrigerator. It reheats nicely, and the flavor is just as good, if not better, the next day.

• Have you cooked with beer?
• Have you tried to track down a restaurant’s secret recipe?
• How do you feel about garnish?

Actual House of Blues Voodoo Shrimp recipe calls for 3 additional ingredients which I could not locate: 1/4 Tbs shrimp base, 1/4 Tbs chicken base, and cut chives.


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RECIPE: Traditional Portuguese Soupa

traditional portuguese soupa

My paternal grandparents immigrated to the United States from Portugal. They brought with them the clothes on their backs and this recipe, handed down by their forefathers. Foremothers, actually. I only saw grandma cooking this meal, not grandpa.

In America, this dish would be called pot roast. Simple ingredients, beef, carrots, and potatoes, transformed into cultural cuisine via spices and red wine. To me, this meal represents family. When I cook it, I feel their presence. It is a meal of celebration and good times.

Do you have a recipe that represents your family?

• 1 rump roast (tied w/butcher’s string)
• 1 onion, peeled
• 8 whole carrots, peeled
• 8 russet potatoes, peeled
• 1 loaf French Bread
• water
• two 8-oz cans tomato sauce
• Burgundy wine
• Worcestershire sauce
• 1 bay leaf
• salt & pepper
• Allspice
• Ground cloves
• Garlic salt
• Ground cumin
• Thyme
• Marjoram
• Celery Flakes

1. Place the roast in a large roasting pan.
2. Fill the pan half full of water.
3. Add 1 peeled onion (whole), and tomato sauce.
4. Fill the empty tomato sauce cans with burgundy wine, and add to the pan.
5. Add the bay leaf, and dashes (perhaps 1/4 tsp. if measured) of all of the spices except the celery flakes.
6. Top with a few splashes of Worcestershire Sauce, stir, and cover with lid.
7. Place in 325 degree oven for 3 hours. (No peeking.)

After 3 hours, add peeled carrots, potatoes, and dash of celery flakes to the pot. Cover and cook for 1 additional hour.

To Serve:
Transfer roast to cutting board and remove the butcher string with a sharp knife or scissors. Slice roast into individual servings.

Spoon the potatoes and carrots into serving dishes. (Note: The onion is for flavoring, not to be eaten.)

Slice the french bread about 1″ thick, and place in a long casserole dish. Using a strainer, pour the jus (cooking broth) over the bread.


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RECIPE: Crab Wrap

I had such a good lunch, I wanted to share the recipe with you.

• 8 oz. lump crabmeat
• 1 cup corn kernals (fresh, frozen, or canned – thaw if frozen)
• 1 small jalapeno pepper, seeded & minced OR 1 Tbs. canned diced jalapeno
• 1/4 of a small red onion (+/- to taste)
• 1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
• 2 Tbs lime juice
• 2 Tbs cider vinegar
• 1 Tbs olive oil
• 1 Tbs honey
• 1 avocado, sliced
• 4 flour tortillas

1. In a bowl, combine all of the ingredients except the avocado and tortillas. Gently toss to coat.
2. Evenly divide the crab mixture and avocado slices among tortillas.
3. Roll up tortilla to encase.
4. Lightly coat your frying pan with non-stick cooking spray.
5. Over medium-heat, toast wraps on both sides.
6. Remove from pan, slice in half, and serve.
Makes 4 servings.

Ah, you’re going to love the flavor in this wrap! Be sure to have a fork handy to spear those stray pieces that fall to your plate.

• When a recipe calls for Fresh, Frozen, or Canned, which do you typically use?
• What are some other great recipes for crab?
• Have you tried flavored-wraps like spinach or tomato?

Thanks for reading!


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Challenge #2: Blog Links!

Last week’s Mini-Challenge was to Cook something that, “strained your brain but delighted your senses.”

This culinary challenge was accepted by two of my friends.

Click here to discover what Red whipped up in the kitchen!

Click here to experience Dina’s twist on bbq!

Thank you, ladies for taking part, and for sharing your recipes with everyone.

I’ll reveal Mini-Challenge #3 later in the week.

• Do you have a favorite cooking show?
• What cookbook do you turn to time & time again?
• What is the oldest recipe in your collection?

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Mini-Challenge #2: COOK

Cooking hasn’t come easy for me. As teens, my best friend taught me two recipes: scrambled eggs and chili dogs.

I can’t cook fried chicken, and haven’t a clue how to grill a steak. I’m not the girl who shows up at a party with a fancy, homemade dessert. My mashed potatoes have been mistaken for potato salad. My omelets have been downright inedible.

Keeping all of this in mind, I’ve decided to challenge myself to recreate Bobby Flay’s Green Pea & Green Chile Soup. Did I really say that? Yes, I did.

In May, the same bff and I dined at Bobby’s Mesa Grill in Vegas. His soup was the tastiest food item to ever cross my taste buds!

I found the recipe at CBS’s The Early Show website. I googled poblano chiles, quizically reached for cream hoping it was the same as crème fraiche, and bought bacon as a replacement for Serrano Ham. Look, even the deli clerk was confused by my request for Serrano Ham, and suggested ::: ahem ::: bacon bits.

My eyes are watering as the chiles are roasting. Is that a good sign?

If all goes well, there will be a photo of the completed dish at the end of this blog.

Mini-Challenge #2: Cook something that strains your brain but delights your senses!

I’ll link the blogs on Sunday, July 26th.

I did it!

Look at these pretty chiles!

Note to self and to you: OMGosh, do not add too much cumin! Just a pinch. Phewy! Also, although the recipe calls for honey, it never suggests when you should add it. Even the video version doesn’t include honey.

Thanks for reading, and GOOD LUCK!

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How To: Make a Vodka Lemonade

How To: Make a Vodka Lemonade

I’m trying my hand at Video Blogging again!  This time I’m sharing our recipe for a lemonade cocktail.


• Crystal Light Pink Lemonade
• Ice
• Fresh Strawberries
• Orange-flavored vodka

Add ice to a tall glass.  Top with 2 halved strawberries.  Cover with lemonade.  Add 1 shot of flavored vodka.  Stir and enjoy.

Did you hear about the Bacon flavored vodka?!

Bakon Vodka

It’s currently available in Washington and Oregon, and is a key ingredient in Bakon Marys and Bakon Chocolate Martinis.

The combination of bacon and chocolate sounds good, like the candy bar Vosges in Vegas offers.  I think I’d mix hot cocoa with the bacon vodka and top with marshmallows or whipped cream. 

Speaking of candy, our daughter is attending 2 weeks of Candy Camp.  It’s offered through her school.  In the mornings, they make candy, and in the afternoons, they have their regular corriculum.  Yesterday she made chocolate covered pretzels, and today she made rice krispy treats.  I’m excited to see what she’ll bring home next.

Alright, the kids are cha-cha’ing all over the house.  I’d better go chase them around.  Where’d I leave my cocktail?

Thanks for reading!

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