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Fun with Wikipedia

Today’s mission, if you choose to accept it, is to visit Wikipedia, enter your high school name, and see which notable alumni attended your school.

Did you know Dawn Wells, Mary Ann of Gilligan’s Island, went to Reno High School? Neither did I! And I went to Reno High! We should have had her face plastered on all the walls, and a special monument erected to her. We could have been the Castaways instead of the Huskies.

I don’t often go sifting through Wikipedia nor high school memories, but a friend of mine uploaded her prom picture to Facebook. Being an 80’s New Waver, I didn’t have boys knocking down my door. This was the Preppy era. Through a Speech & Debate Tournament in Carson City, Nevada I met my senior boyfriend/senior prom date. Where is he now? Wikipedia says he is Grammy nominated music producer, remixer, and DJ.

This would be a good time to insert my prom picture, but I can’t locate it. I’ve searched through a few boxes, but have only come up with a stuffed stingray for Pearl and a photo of me and the Eck (Dennis Eckersley, relief pitcher for the Oakland A’s).

Here’s my hand: 1 missing prom photo with a DJ, 1 Gilligan’s Island alumni, and an Eck high card. Beat that!


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