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Project Runway ~ Let The (drinking) Games Begin!

Last night was the premier of Project Runway. What a virtual PR sandwich with it’s 2-hour All Star Challenge lead-in and it’s Models of Project Runway post show. Three and a half hours of juicy goodness!

During the show I paused the program so my girls could sketch the models.

It’s hard to give your full attention to a show, even one you adore, for 3.5 hours. We made it about 75 minutes before the first melt-down. Pearl ran out of paper, and *borrowed* Natalie’s stack, which made Nat inconsolable.

Adding in intermissions to:
1. order pizza;
2. let the pizza man in;
3. watch Tom do a slow-motion dance in front of the big screen;
4. let the kids change clothes;
5. watch the kids model
made for a very long evening indeed!

At night’s end, Heidi wished me auf vidersein, while Tom and the kids snoozed.

For adult viewers, it’s time for the
Season 6 Drinking Game!

Last year’s words included the classic Suede, Leatha and Holla atcha boy!

It’s early in the game, so let’s start with Tim Gunn saying, Designers. I’ll update the list as the season progresses. No doubt we’ll be tossing back a full beer or glass of wine by the finale!

• What word(s) would you add to the drinking game?
• What did you think of this silver honeycomb dress?
• If you weren’t watching Project Runway, what were you doing?

Thanks for reading!

Sip When They Say:
• Designers
• Make it work!
• Carry on.

Bonus Round:
• Sob story / tears – 2 shots!


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