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Operation Rewind

If you hadn’t seen someone for twenty years, wouldn’t you want to look your best for the reunion? That is exactly the predicament I recently faced. Facebook reunites me with friends from my past, and lucky for me, one was was planning a trip to Vegas. We conversed for months making plans to meet for lunch while she was in town.
Although I dragged my feet for a while, by April Operation Rewind was underway. I needed to recapture my youthful glow!
Step 1: Exfoliate.
I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown’s Beach Scrub. Alas, my wallet is not. I was able to find a new creation, the Bobbi Brown Sandbar. Quick Review: Bobbi, your sandbar hurt me. The sand was so rough it was akin to rubbing cut glass on my legs. A bit harsh? Yeah, so was your sandbar until the sandy layer washed away after only two uses. Now I am left with a 1″x2″ bar of beach-scented soap.
My first and possibly 2nd layer of skin removed, I was now ready for …
Step 2: Self-Tanning.
Jergens Natural Glow for Fair Skin turned me from translucent to pale without a hint of orange. I still have my Chanel face tanner from last year, and slathered that on too. Slightly bronzy facial skin achieved.
Step 3: Teeth Whitening
Found Crest’s Premium Whitestrips under my sink and said, “What the heck.” Noticeably whiter teeth after three uses.
Step 4: Pedicure
No funds for the local nail salon, so I clipped, filed and painted my own toes. Rocking OPI’s – Sweet As Annie-Thing! from their 90210 Collection.
Step 5: Wardrobe
Grabbed a lovely Forever 21 sundress from my closet, a gravity-defeating Victoria’s Secret strapless bra from my lingerie drawer, comfy Havaianas flip-flops, and I was good to go!
Unfortunately my friend was not. Her hotel overbooked and bumped her to another resort, causing her a lot of stress. Thus our lunch plans went kaput.
I hope her travels bring her back to Vegas soon. I’m not sure how long the effects of Operation Rewind last.
• How do you bring sexy back?
• Are you reconnecting on FaceBook?
• Are you cool with plans changing at the last minute?

Get Your Shopping Groove On!
Bobbi Brown Beach Sandbar
Jergen’s Natural Glow – Fair Tones
3) Chanel Precision Soleil Identite Perfect Colour Face Self Tanner SPF 8 – Dore ( Golden )
4) Crest Premium Whitestrips
5) OPI – Sweet As Annie-Thing!



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Dear 1989 Jean

Dear 1989 Jean –

You’re a little busy in 2009. If I have to end this letter suddenly it’s because of your children. They just got the new Barbie 3-Musketeers movie, so it’s a little crazy here.

Oh, before I forget, let me be the 1st to congratulate you on your divorce! If it’s not final yet, it will be any day now.

Ok, here are the basics.
Stop perming your hair. You’ll learn to embrace its straightness. 2049 Jean might tell us we’re lucky to have hair at all. I am doing a LOT of coloring.

There’s an old man that comes into the bank. No, not the one you call Droolie. White haired guy, tan, flip-flops, talks about himself a lot. That’s about a 13-year stint.
Now we’re with a hottie! Yes, he’s the father of our children. You’ll know him when you see him. Great guy with the easy smile and big personality. *Keeper!*

Two daughters! Look at you! Hey, live it up. They don’t come along til ’02 and ’04. Don’t freak when your husband wants to name the baby Coast Cabela. He’ll change his mind by the 8th month of the pregnancy.

Everybody’s still alive! Oh, and you’re all still talking. No family feuds.

Eh, it comes and goes. You’re doing fine. Gawd, I hope 2049 Jean doesn’t pipe in here!

• Forget DOS and Larry the Lounge Lizard. You are going to LOVE these futuristic computers! Really, you could sit in front of the monitor all day. Try to be a little better at remembering your friends’ names. You can stalk them on social networking sights.
• Could you skip getting that butterfly tattoo? You’d be surprised what we go through trying to remove it.

I’m not going to tell you it’ll be all fun and games. There are some hard times, but you will survive. Now get out there and make me proud!

Love, 2009 Jean

TAG! You’re it. Write a letter to your 1989 self.

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Childhood Toys

My friend, Lisa King tagged me to list 10 Toys, TV Shows, or Movies from my childhood that I really liked. I’m so lucky that my parents actually saved some of my childhood toys. Here are the toys of my past.

The Dolls
Let’s start with the main doll, Barbie herself! I’m not sure which year these two Barbie’s came out (seen on top of the Barbie Camper). They are joined by Disco Ken, Blythe (with her original pink wig), the Bionic Woman, and Donny Osmond.

Of course, when you have the dolls, you need a place to keep them. Thus, the cases.

We cooked with Barbie in the Karosel Kitchen for hours!

We put batteries in it, and it still works after all these years!

Let’s get to the smaller dolls. May I introduce the Rock Flowers. Apparently, the dolls can stand on top of the record while it’s spinning. I don’t remember if I ever tried that.

Here are my big baby dolls from the 60’s.

As I got a little older, Crissy, Shirley, and Tiffany joined my doll family.

Crissy’s hair could grow with a push of her belly-button, and Tiffany’s hair could change color by rotating her scalp.
These are just a few of the paperdolls that I cherish(ed).

I could stare inside my View-Master and escape into the fantasy world of Snow White or The Jungle Book.

Actual slide from Snow White.

Actual slide from Jungle Book

Honorable Mention
These are the toys I no longer own, but spent much of my youth enjoying them.
Silly Putty



Which Witch Board Game

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