Kreativ Blogger Award

Kreativ Blogger Award

Aug. 25, 2009: Received a Kreativ Blogger Award from Gary’s World. Thank you Gary!

Good Friends Award

Oct. 21, 2009: Received a Good Friends Award from Gary’s World. Thanks Gary! You’re the best!
The Sweetest award

You're The Sweetest Award

November 13, 2009: Received The Sweetest Award from Living Me 101. Thank you Leese! You’re the frosting on my cupcake.
I'm A Blessing!

I'm A Blessing!

December 15, 2009: Received I’m A Blessing Award from Gary. Thank you, Gary! You are a blessing too.
Best Post of the Week

Best Post of the Week

January 1, 2010: Received a Best Post of the Week award from Purple Hatter! Thank you, Purple Hatter, for this honor.

I Just Love Your Blog

January 1, 2010: Received an I Just Love Your Blog award from Purple Hatter. I love your blog too, PH! Thank you!
Best Post of the Week

Best Post of the Week

January 3, 2010: Received a Best Post of the Week award from Doraz! Thank you, Doraz! What a treat & a surprise!
Stylish Blogger Award

Stylish Blogger Award

January 13, 2010: Received a Stylish Blogger award from Doraz! Thank you. I’m honored!
Heart Stop

Heart Stop award

January 14, 2010: Received a Heart Stopping award from Purple Hatter! Your award makes my heart race, PH! Thank you!


The Best Ever Mommy

January 17, 2010: Received The Best Mommy Ever blog award from Purple Hatter! This is the best award I’ve received! Thank you, PH!
Sweet Blog!

Sweet Blog!

January 26, 2010: Received a Sweet Blog! award from Gary’s World. Thank you, Gary! You made my day!

Happy 101

February 3, 2010: Received a Happy 101 award from Living, Loving, Laughing…... Thank you so much, Angelia!!

Sunshine Award

February 7, 2010: Received a Sunshine Award from Believe In Yourself. Luisa, thank you kindly!
Big Heart Award

Big Heart Award

February 9, 2010: Happily accepted the Big Heart Award from Purple Hatter! Thank you kind sir!

Sunshine Award

February 11, 2010: Rec’d a Sunshine Award from Jingle. Thank you, my new friend!

Gorgeous Blogger Award

Feb. 20, 2010: Rec’d the Gorgeous Blogger Award from Nadezhda. Thank you!

You Deserve A Star

February 22, 2010: Rec’d You Deserve a Star Today! Award from Jingle. I’m overwhelmed!

Blogger Buddy Award

March 1, 2010: Rec’d the Blogger Buddy Award from Jingle. Thank you for your friendship and this award. You always make me smile!

Forever Friends

March 4, 2010: Rec’d the Forever Friends Award from Jingle. Thank you, Jingle!

Big Heart Award

Apr. 27, 2010: Received the Big Heart Award from Purple Hatter. Thank you PH!


9 responses to “Awards


  2. Thank you Purple Hatter! My award cup runneth over. 😀

  3. Congratulations for all these awards,Jean 🙂

  4. beautiful,
    the collection is the collection of your love..
    Happy Friday! 😉


    I am doing this to show my appreciations to your support.
    if you accept one or two and share, then that’s a great bliss,
    no obligations…
    Happy Sunday ahead!

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