These are a few of my Favorite Things:


Unable to locate Philosophy’s 3-in-1 bath/shower gel in Wafflecone, I opted for this new scent of Wild Blackberry Blossom. I love it! It is very fragrant & fruity, plus a gorgeous, deep shade of plum. Leaves me feeling fresh from head to toe.
Butter Crunch Cashews

I don’t even like cashews, but I cannot stop eating these! Sweet, salty, and irresistible. Archer Farms brand available at Target for less than five bucks, or through Amazon Marketplace for around $8.
Coastal Cheddar Cheese

My friend, Montana Lady, sent me a package of this Coastal Rugged Cheddar Cheese, and it is fabulous! Aged 15 months, it has a delicious bite and unique crunch from the crystallized calcium. Available online at CheeseSupply.com, and possibly at your local Trader Joe’s and/or Costco.

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The Truffle Shop

Scrumptious golf ball sized truffles.


Who do you want to be today?

Face of the Future

Go – Experiment – Laugh!

Yearbook Yourself



2 responses to “XOXO

  1. Sherri

    Jeanie Beanine…those pictures are great! lol. Reminds me of when I first met you on MySpace. Ahhhh…good times…good times!

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