Picture of the Day ~ Week 3

Continuing on my quest to take at least one picture daily, may I present…

Picture of the Day ~ Week 3 

Glider Ride

Overlooking the Colorado River. ~ June 13, 2009

What a way to start! Saturday was my 44th birthday, and Tom surprised me with a glider ride.

Rabbit Chase

Pearl chases a cottontail. ~ June 14, 2009


Our 17 year old cat. ~ June 15, 2009

Our sweet cat became ill 2 weeks ago with an abscess on his left cheek. I’m sorry to report he isn’t doing very well.

On our rock wall. ~ June 16, 2009

Tom ran out of the house in his stocking feet to capture this photo.
Scarecrow Lady

At the corner of Valencia & Hwy 95. ~ June 17, 2009

She has been in this position for over 11 years, and has a different outfit to compliment each holiday, season, or special local event.
Cookie Reflection

Pearl admires the bakery’s thumbprint cookies. ~ June 18, 2009

LOL! How many of these do you think I bought?

Mediterranean Gecko on our back porch. ~ June 18, 2009

We have a pair that hunt insects nightly. Doesn’t his tail look new?

Desert Tortoise

Look who came out to eat this morning? ~ June 19, 2009
Mmmmm…. wilted lettuce and fresh broccoli.
What’s the craziest birthday surprise you’ve ever gotten?
How would you dress the scarecrow lady?
How many cookies DID I have to buy for Pearl?

Thanks for reading!


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3 responses to “Picture of the Day ~ Week 3

  1. 1. I got a small Japanese ceremonial knife from my friend once. It was quite sharp.
    2. I would dress her in my high schools female uniform.
    3. 4?

  2. Ouch, don’t cut yourself with that knife. The high school uniform would be GREAT! I’m sure it would raise a few eyebrows around here. And, yes, you nailed it. Exactly 4 cookies! ::: high five :::

  3. Well it sits in my room gathering dust these days. It has a mini sheath to cover the blade so it’s fine.
    Would you rather the scarecrow be dressed up as certain teachers? It might become a more effective scarecrow (plus much cheaper too considering how expensive school uniform is).

    Wow, I guessed right ^^
    I just thought of how much Mum would buy for me when I was little.

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