How To: Raise Hams

“Come on, Tom. It’ll be fun!”, I pleaded. “It’s just you and me. I’ll set up my camera, and you grab your meat, all nine pounds of it.”

Fits of laughter.

“Ok, I’ll take my big cannon and show you who’s boss.” Tom cajoled.

More laughter and innuendo.

The buzz of the evening wore off, but the playful conversation lingered in my head. Was he ready for his close up? Yes, actually he was. While I set up the tripod, he cleared the counter and set up an array of spices and secret ingredients for we were making an instructional video. Not the type Carrie Prejean would record but an honest to goodness How To video for making jerky.

I should call him One Take Tom for he could expound on the subject without missing a beat. It was hard to decide what should fall to the cutting room floor, or be deleted via iMovie. He’s my husband, and I felt a bit guilty omitting recorded episodes of meat grinding, salt sprinkling, and the tearing open of hot pepper packets. But cut I did, and replaced with photos overlaid with text. Even with all the snips, the video runs nearly seven minutes long. I’ll post the YouTube link below for those interested in jerking their meat.

With Mommy and Daddy making videos, it seemed natural when my seven year old asked to record her recipe for a soda drink. She wrote down her ingredients, sending Tom to the store for more Diet Coke. She had plenty of Pepsis which are on hand for guests. Her little sister was her lovely assistant, nodding her head and chiming in at just the right moment. I think my girls had a lot of presence for seven and four. Who else but a child would combine the two powerhouses of cola?

• Coke or Pepsi?
• Carrie Prejean, Donald Trump, or Perez Hilton?
• Behind the camera or in front of it?

Tom’s YouTube debut! How To: Make Elk Jerky



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23 responses to “How To: Raise Hams

  1. Great video your girls did! I can now say I know how to make a Diet Coke Pepsi. I loved the addition of the straw!

    ~ I prefer Pepsi but I will drink either one.
    ~ We all know the camera adds 10 pounds to you and lord knows I don’t need that so I try to stay behind the camera!

  2. Coleen

    Your girls are sooooooo cute!!

  3. Too cute! I notice not much DIET soda goes in- thats cause diet soda aint the tastiest 😉 LOL

  4. Made me think of a burglar entering a butcher shop with a gun & saying “Hams Up!!!”

  5. Sherri

    Soo cute. Just like Mom. Not camera shy at all. Love it!

    1.) Coke
    2.) Donald Trump
    3.) Behind the (video) camera…lol. I’m so self- conscious.

  6. you had me on the fist two lines and then, well didnt go where I though it was going hey ho

  7. Era

    I just love your family’s instructional videos: your margerita video, Tom’s jerky video and the girls’ soda video. You’re all great and your daughters are so cute!

    I’ve wanted to try making videos for my blog but I’ve seen myself on camera. Let’s just say I’ll stay behind the camera 🙂 . I prefer Pepsi to Coke and I have no use for Carrie Prejean, Perez Hilton, or Donald Trump. But I will admit that enjoy watching Celebrity Apprentice.

  8. OMG.. your girls are ADORABLE.. but I have to tell you, your little one had me in stitches…

    I definitely see Price Is Right in her future!!!

    Can’t wait to watch your video to learn how to PROPERLY jerk meat!!!

    1. Coke
    2. OMG.. neither!
    3. In front.. I’m definitely the HAM in our family!!

  9. Electric Jerky Canon?
    I know what’s going on MY Christmas list!! LOL!!

    Loved the video.. and Tom REALLY needs to be on the Food Network ( or at least Public Access ) he’s a natural!!!

    • Aww, thanks Leese! When I tell Tom your compliments, his head will swell.

      Check out Cabela’s. That’s where he got his jerky canon. Looks like they renamed it to the Power Jerky Blaster. Geez, that sounds intense!

      Happy jerking! 😀

  10. Honestly, that is one of the CUTEST things I have seen in a LONG time! Your daughters are PRECIOUS Jean!

    I wish we had just ONE little girl around our house. LOL

  11. Wow, Tom handles his meat VERY well Jean! No WONDER you fell in love with him.

    I can’t believe I am saying this but I would LOVE to have some of Tom’s meat!

  12. Sounds like the script for a carry on movie!

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