Elvis Cupcakes

Maybe we shouldn’t be turning to Elvis for culinary inspiration. Regardless, The Cupcakery has transformed Elvis’ Bacon, Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich into this Trip To Graceland cupcake. I’ll admit I was anxious to taste it.

I arrived an hour before closing, and bought one dozen cupcakes including the last 2 Elvi (plural of Elvis) available.

When I returned home with the goodies, my eldest daughter spotted an Elvis and called dibs. Her verdict: thumb up! Youngest daughter also took a bite earning Elvis his 2nd thumbs up. Hubby said he’d sample it in the morning with a side of eggs.

After seeming enamored with Elvis, the girls became bored and wandered off. I saw my chance to pounce!

• Bacon topping ~ crisp and smokey.

• Banana cream frosting ~ oh so sweet and banana-y!

• Chunky peanut butter cake ~ FAIL. No PB flavor. No chunks. Dense and dry, like cornbread.

I took a bite, wanting to try the combination of all 3 flavors. That didn’t help. The salty bacon and creamy banana trumped the weak peebee cake. I didn’t Love It Tender. I wished I had a Blue Hawaiian to wash it down. Anyone want a half-eaten cupcake? I was afraid of that. Return to Sender.

• Would you try the Elvis cupcake?
• How could this cupcake be improved?
• What other combinations would you like to see in a cupcake?

The Cupcakery has locations in Nevada and Texas.



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19 responses to “Elvis Cupcakes

  1. Sherri


    You’re very creative…I bet you can improve on this cupcake. I think you should reinvent the Elvis cupcake Jeanie sytle!

  2. Katy

    The Elvis cupcake sounds truly disgusting. I just… ick. My nose is seriously crinkled at the thought of it. I can picture my kids liking it, however. They’re always thinking up gross food combos.

  3. Amy

    and more baconnnnn. Mmmmmmm baaaaacoonnnnnnn.

  4. Now normally I will eat bacon on just about anything, but … um … ick!

  5. Era

    First of all : peanut allergy. Yeah, poor me – whatever.

    I love sweet and salty snacks. I will eat lays potato chips with vanilla icecream. I also like banana flavored sweets. However I can’t handle the bacon thing.

  6. do you have a ball park on the calories? lol

  7. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…I like all the Elvis song mentions.

    The cupcake sure looks good but like “they” say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I would however still like to give it a try. 😀

  8. Um…

    That’s just..



    I can’t even DESCRIBE the gymnastic Yurchenko that my stomach did when I realized you were talking about REAL bacon..

    See!! (wagging finger) There’s a REASON why Elvis became what he did.. and OBVIOUSLY it wasn’t from the drugs!!

    Now excuse me while I fall asleep and have a nightmare!! LOL!!

    Actually, I have a very unsophisticated palate.. I like what I like and don’t get too adventurous.. even living with a chef didn’t alter that.. so I’ll just leave you to the bacon/banana/could’ve been a better PB cupcake!!

  9. My god, I would have loved it. Vegas has gotten way cooler since I moved away …

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