WTF: Stories Behind The Photos

Hubby forwarded me an email, and after laughing for a few minutes, I realized I HAD to find out the story behind these WTF photos. (WTF photos are pictures in which something seems amiss.) Let’s dig deeper, shall we?
First up is… skeleton-tattoo man.

Meet Rick Murray, Zombie. Rick is tattooing himself into a zombie. He has 24 hours and $3,863.66 USD invested into his project so far. Future goals include shading in the grey of his brain tattoo, possibly tattooing the whites of his eyes black (if no one has gone blind from this procedure in five years), removing his nose and one ear. Although you might not believe it, Rick does have his limits. He has decided not to tattoo his penis in the image of Jesus on the cross. The crown of thorns would have been a bitch. For more of Rick’s story and photos, check out’s Zombie Boy article.
Next up, a toy I’d love to own!

Can I shave the baby? This photo literally made me laugh out loud. The baby doll was never sold, but is a 1995 progressive art piece. This work and others can be seen at Raster Art of Warsaw, Poland.
Here is a combo. A two-fer, if you will.

Where do I start? This spunky, young woman refers to herself as Amber Amputee. She has a MySpace page, and has blogged about this photo. Yes, that is her, but Sewer Horse is photoshopped. As easy as it was to find Amber, Sewer Horse remains a mystery.
Ready for more juicy goodness? Check out this Romeo.

More please! He’s bold and he has weapons. Turns out, he’s just like you and me, albiet harrier. He posed for this photo and other (saucier) ones for his wife, who released them to the world-wide-web. Don’tcha hate it when your personal photos are exposed? This sexy man-beast is a husband, father, and MySpacer. He has graciously kept his profile public, allowing us to view his photos and artwork created by fans. You can check him out at Micromancer. I don’t know him personally, so please don’t tell him Jean sent you.
Say it Ain’t So, Superman!

Able to WHAT? Photoshopped, and no one is taking credit for it.
As if I haven’t provided you with enough links today, here is one more. Check out Picture Is Unrelated for more funny (some adult) photos. If there are any you’d like me to investigate, let me know.
• Are you in any WTF photos?
• Where SHOULD tattoo man have drawn the line?
• Would you rather shave the baby or shave Micromancer?!



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29 responses to “WTF: Stories Behind The Photos

  1. Fun for the whole damned family.

    I believe your tattoo boy had his brain work done. (If this is the same lad – and, really, you have to think it is)

  2. OK…Now I can say that I have see some weird stuff today….THANKS to you! lol 🙂 Something to share with my friends! People are who they are, huh? lol 🙂

  3. Oh man … I need a few drinks after these!

  4. Oh good GOD! LOL. First off, I’m over from Jingles. I saw your comment on stones and had to drop by. I love Sedona, visited in 06 and it’s our dream to retire there. ANYHOW
    lol…this post is hysterically disturbing…if that’s possible. That tattooed guy? Why? lol.

  5. wow,
    I am amazed and shocked at the same time…
    thank u for the daring humor!

  6. Hi Sheila! So nice to meet you!
    I visited Sedona in ’04, and am hoping for a return visit some day. It’s magical!
    Yes, exactly, why, tattooed guy? Why?! Maybe he has a chemical imbalance and money to burn.

    Hi Jingle! You are so kind, even when my subject matter is odd. I’ll post a new, fresh, funnier or upbeat blog soon. Have a happy day!

  7. Tammy

    Wow! All I can say is I am glad I am who I am, and I say that with no regrets.

    Thanks for the funny post. We all need to be reminded we aren’t all the same. LOL

  8. Hello,
    Happy March 1st!
    Hope that u enjoy what u do,
    keep readers posted on odd and funny stuff!

    Best Regards.

  9. Lol!! I love the interesting stuff you dug up on the WTF photos. Almost like Lois Lane haha.

  10. Era

    Oh my eyes! LOL. Superman had me LMAO

  11. OMG Jean…don’t know how Imissed this post. LMAO! That Micromancer is NASTY! I’d shave him before the doll. Well, I’d pay someone to shave him. 😉

  12. dustus

    It’s all funny stuff lol Thanks

    • Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in replying. I was pulled away by some video work with the hubster.

      Tammy – you are welcome for the funny post. I will try to post a new, fresh & funny post soon.

      Jingle – hello! Happy March to you as well. Thank you for the Blogger Buddy award!

      Angelia – I felt like Lois Lane! LOL! It was fun to say, “aha!”

      Oh, Era, sorry about your eyes! Bwahahahahaha! I wonder where we can purchase that “special” Superman. ??!!

      Hi Sherri! Micromancer looks funny, but seems to be a sweetheart. Yes, I said it! LOL!!

      Hello Dustus and welcome. You’re welcome for the laughs. I’ll be by to see what you have been working on.

  13. an award 4 u, thanks a lot!

  14. Made my night! I’m heading to bed laughing. 🙂

  15. Oh dear lord, that tatoo face, that hairy man-beast, that horse-in-the-sewer along side the amputee girl. Loved it, right up my alley. Sadly, hairy beast looks like someone who went to high school with me. I can’t click on the link in fear I figure out it is hime.

    • Hi Jaymie! Thanks for coming by for a laugh. That makes my night.

      Hi Girl From The Ghetto. It is some freaky stuff, huh? Oh, I wonder if you did go to school with Micromancer. He’s into guns and video games (in case you couldn’t tell from the photo). He looks pretty decent with clothes on and his hair pulled back in a ponytail. Oh, and his glasses on.


  17. OMG, I’m just catching up on everyone’s blog. this is hysterical. I will say it again like I have said so many times….People are the greatest free show on Earth. The tattoo guy no doubt should be in the same category as that woman who is turning herself into a cat face with plastic surgery. how freaking bizarre! the sewer horse is funny, I actually like the sewer horse very much. The guy with the guns? I think people should be investigating that link… like the FBI. lol. He could be wanted for something.

    • Oh, ya ya ya! And that lizard man who split his tongue! LOL, Sweetiegirlz.
      I hope sewer horse got out of that hole… where ever he/she resides.
      LOL @ the FBI investigating Micromancer!
      Thanks for swinging by and sharing the laughs.

  18. Jean…Jean…Jean, all I can say is WTF!?!

  19. Rick may have a problem if he ever decides he wants a career in customer service one day. Sexy weapons man on the bed has given me something to aim for regarding my personal appearance. Sewer Horse sounds like some sort of animal super hero. Look down in the drain, is it a snail? is it a piece of litter? No, it’s Sewer Horse!!!

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