Where Glee Lost Me

Glee is back, but I’m holding my applause.
The season opener was all over the place! Rachel and Finn’s on again/off again romance made me woozy. Combined with Counselor Emma & Teacher Will’s relationship woes, I was ready for a Dramamine. Insert Finn being quasi-seduced by the Cheerios, and my head exploded.
Week two promised The Power of Madonna. Once again, I suspended belief as
Emma wrestled with her virginity,
the Cheerios performed on stilts,
Rachel lusted after wannabe tough-guy/singer (gag me), Jesse St. James.

But I could not believe my eyes when I saw a McKinley student saunter the school halls in an evening gown, gloves, and diamonique. Surely this violated McKinley’s dress code. Come on! I can only accept so much!
Why did I find this unacceptable? Because I, too, have experienced the power of Madonna. Back in the early 80’s when Madonna hit the scene, she influenced music and fashion. My girlfriends and I gobbled up both. Fishnet stockings, colorful belts, vintage pumps, thrift-store fashion finds, we wore it all. But as much as we adored her, we would never have impersonated her.
And that is where Glee lost me.

• Are you a Gleek?
• Have you experienced the power of Madonna?
• Which celebrity has influenced your sense of style?


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28 responses to “Where Glee Lost Me

  1. Ha! I worked the Madonna hair but left the fishnets (and pointy bras) at home. Though I did venture out in a few midriff-baring tops.

  2. Madonna always had attitude.
    I have attitude.
    Madonna is Italian.
    I am Italian.
    Madonna is rich.
    I am NOT!
    I guess it ends there!
    🙂 Nice post of crazy happenings.

  3. I’m pretty sure I haven’t got a sense of style. So, maybe Anthony Michael Hall …

  4. Joy

    I have never seen Glee. Is something wrong with me?? I don’t even know when it’s on but something else I watch must be on at that time.

    Madonna. I was a little ahead of her time to have copied her style but I liked it. I still like her “way.” I think she’s a good woman with a good heart.

    You know, I’ve always just dressed and wore what I liked. Maybe I’m just still a hippie.

  5. Katie

    I’m pretty sure that the girl wearing the evening gown was shown during a song.. I don’t think dress code matters during song numbers in the Glee world.

  6. I just can’t get into the show. I tried to watch it, but it didn’t keep my attention. Idk…maybe I’ll give it another shot.

    I must be weird…I kinda liked the Madonna impersonation at the end.

  7. Jean you have a new award that awaits you on my site and would you please let jingle know it is for her, too!

  8. I love Glee. There is nothing even remotely realistic about it which is why I heart it so much! Rachael is my favorite all lovably weird. 🙂

    I used to want to be Holly Go-Lightly from Breakfast At Tiffanys when I was younger so maybe I was influenced by Audrey’s style. 🙂 I do love some big sunglasses. I also went through a phase right after Clueless came out where I spent an entire year in plaid and knee socks. Thankfully I was only 15!

  9. Ji

    thank you,
    yesterday I did visit you, the comment is hidden in your treasure box..
    fun post from a cool friend!
    Happy Wednesday!

  10. Ji

    thank you for reminding me of an award from purple hatter…

    my comment goes spam, unless he dig them out, otherwise, I could not continue…
    I appreciate his kindness in thinking of me.
    thank you.

  11. I just “discovered” Glee and have been over-dosing myself watching it online before the kids come home from school.. OMG!! I LOVE IT!!

    I never experienced the power of Madonna.. I was more the neo-punk / pink hair / studded belt kinda gal ..

  12. I watched Glee one time but I can’t say I know anything about the show. I hear people talk about it all the time. The one I watched was pretty funny.

    What I love about this post is your 80’s pic with the hair matching Madonna’s. HA. That is PRICELESS! Too cute. ❤

  13. Tammy

    I love your 80’s photo!! Totally rad!

    I have NEVER seen Glee. I saw the promos for the Madonna tribute and that has been it. I’m not sure if I’d like it. I don’t watch a lot of TV.

    My style influence was Molly Ringwald’s character Andie from Pretty in Pink. I miss the 80’s. *sigh*

    • Thank you Tammy. How are you doing?
      You can catch episodes of Glee on hulu… if you are interested. Sounds like you keep pretty busy without t.v. 😀
      I LOVED Pretty In Pink! I wish I had her talent to whip up a prom dress!

  14. Glee is on TV here in Tasmania now I must regretfully say that I don’t like it.

    • Tony – no need to apologize. I’m liking Glee less and less. My girlfriend who asked me to watch the show actually called me this week to apologize for the crazy story lines.
      If you are not on my blogroll, I will add you right now. Thanks Tony! Stop by any time.

  15. BTW, I thought I put you in my RSS reader but looks like I didn’t. If I don’t RSS my favourite blogs I forget which ones I like to visit.
    Sorry, but you’re in it now so you will have to put up with me annoying you with my petty comments

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