1st Play Date

Natalie and Pearl (far right) host their first Play Date.

Natalie (tallest in the photo) hosted her very first play date on Friday. Everything started well. The girls played in the pool while the Mom and I chatted under the trees. Pizza Man showed up, and we all took a break for lunch.

Soon the princess costumes were flying out of the closet, tiaras were donned, and make-up applied. It was all fun and games, but a dark cloud loomed on the horizon.

The second round of pool time didn’t go as smoothly. Tubes weren’t shared, noodles were stolen, and feelings were hurt. I noticed Natalie spending most of her time under water, and when she finally surfaced, she was sobbing. Her friends weren’t listening to her. I bundled her up in a towel and brought her to her room. She was distraught and wanted to be alone. That wasn’t happening though as 3 soaked girlies and a Mom marched into the room. Soon the tears had dried, and the rice krispy treats were being devoured. The Mom and I wandered to the dining room to continue our visit while the girls played in their bedroom.

Enter the storm that would end it all. The screams, the wails… we knew something was going terribly wrong. Do you know what we saw? Can you imagine it? A cute little imp wearing a Viking hat and armed with a bright orange fly swatter. She had envisioned Natalie, Pearl and her own little sister as flies, swatting their now red faces and arms!

What kind of game is that? I’ve heard of cowboys and indians, but flies and swatter?

Yes, the Play Date came to a swift end.

Do you have any experience in the Play Date Arena?
Do they usually end well?

Thanks for reading!

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