Face of the Future

The University of St. Andrews‘ Computer Science Department has created a fun, interactive website. Upload your photo, and watch as you revert to a baby, child, teen, or young adult. You can also transform your nationality, race, sex, or become the drawing of a famous artist.


East-Asian Jean

Masculine Jean… could pass for George Bush Sr.

I married a chimp!

Botticelli sketched my daughter!

• Use a large photo.
• Don’t crop too close to your head.

To my friend, Gita for telling me about the website. (My pimp hand is strong.)
Go • Play • Share

I can’t wait to see your results!


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7 responses to “Face of the Future

  1. Amy

    Oooh! I have to go try that!!

  2. rona

    oooh, this looks pretty fun, i’ll have to try this later. =)

  3. I wonder if I’d morphed myself into Sam Mendes if Kate Winslet would have dated me?

  4. Wow, nice found. Gotta try this out. =)

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