Fun with Wikipedia

Today’s mission, if you choose to accept it, is to visit Wikipedia, enter your high school name, and see which notable alumni attended your school.

Did you know Dawn Wells, Mary Ann of Gilligan’s Island, went to Reno High School? Neither did I! And I went to Reno High! We should have had her face plastered on all the walls, and a special monument erected to her. We could have been the Castaways instead of the Huskies.

I don’t often go sifting through Wikipedia nor high school memories, but a friend of mine uploaded her prom picture to Facebook. Being an 80’s New Waver, I didn’t have boys knocking down my door. This was the Preppy era. Through a Speech & Debate Tournament in Carson City, Nevada I met my senior boyfriend/senior prom date. Where is he now? Wikipedia says he is Grammy nominated music producer, remixer, and DJ.

This would be a good time to insert my prom picture, but I can’t locate it. I’ve searched through a few boxes, but have only come up with a stuffed stingray for Pearl and a photo of me and the Eck (Dennis Eckersley, relief pitcher for the Oakland A’s).

Here’s my hand: 1 missing prom photo with a DJ, 1 Gilligan’s Island alumni, and an Eck high card. Beat that!


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43 responses to “Fun with Wikipedia

  1. Deanna Banana

    Wikipedia doesn’t even have an entry for my little redneck high school! lol As far as I know I’m the only important person who graduated from Susquenita High School. 😉

  2. I don’t know any of these people but apparently they went to the same high school as I did:
    Mark Smith – Well Known NASA Facility specialist. Involved in many projects involving the NASA Johnson Space Center Mission Control Center (MCC).
    Steve McKinney – NFL player (1998 – Present). Played for the Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks.
    Pete Olson – US Congressman
    Renee Magee – 1976 Olympic Swim Team participant
    Jeff Novak – NFL player. Played for the Jacksonville Jaguars

  3. Sherri

    Well here’s a few…but nobody to write home about…you had the cool alumni! You guys coulda made coconut cream pies in home ec instead of Ginger snaps!! ahahahaha…I kill myself 😉

    RG Crum was born August 1930 to Esther and Crum in Youngstown Ohio. A graduate of Austintown Fitch high school, Ralph was given scholarships to the famed Carnegie Institute of Technology known today as Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He received a doctorate in Engineering Technology with HONORS in 1958. In 1960, Dr. Crum moved to the Southern California area and was a scientist for the Ford Motor Company. He also worked for NA Rockwell where he engineered with the US’s rocket pilots at the start of the space era. In 1971, Dr. Crum moved back to NE Ohio where he started the Engineering Technology Department at Youngstown State University now bearing his name after 20 plus years on its faculty. Dr. Crum has also been an expert witness and lead investigator during his tenure.

    Maurice Edward Clarett (born October 29, 1983 in Youngstown, Ohio[1]) is a former American college football player. During his freshman year at Ohio State University, he helped to lead the Buckeyes to a national championship. He is well known for unsuccessfully challenging the NFL’s rule that a player must have been out of high school for three years to be eligible for the entry draft, and for his tumultuous life in and out of the courtroom afterwards. Clarett attended the same preschool as Ken Dorsey (quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes), whom he would later run into in the 2002 national championship game. The former tailback is currently serving prison time after accepting a plea deal amid charges of robbery, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, and resisting arrest.

    Hey, I know this next guy…he graduated 2 years ahead of me in my sister’s class.

    Wallace Robert Bell (born January 10, 1965 in Ravenna, Ohio) is an umpire in Major League Baseball who has worked in the National League from 1992 to 1999 and throughout both major leagues since 2000. He wears the number 35 on his uniform. Since reaching the major leagues, Bell has umpired in one World Series (2006), two All-Star Games (1997, 2000), five Division Series (1998, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2006), and three League Championship Series (2000, 2001, 2005).

    Bell graduated from Austintown Fitch High School in 1983

  4. Sherri

    Yeah, I remember Wally…lol. I knew his Mom she worked at one of the convenience stores that I used to walk to. I think my Dad used to be beer buddies with his dad as well. Hmmm small world I never knew he was a Major’s Umpire… Umpire unis are tre chic! No?

    I don’t know poker so I didn’t see the mix up…lol

  5. Sunny Wishes She Was Shopping

    I went to the same high school as you and I didn’t know about Marianne either. I can’t remember the dork’s name that I went to the prom with. And googling my Reno High ex’s led me to believe they all went into the construction field, except for the ski star. So I’m thinking I should fold cause I gots nothing. LOL

  6. Gary Hogeboom went to my High School and he played for the Dallas Cowboys in 1980-89. Imagine our surprise when we saw him on Survivor awhile back. Dallas is my husband’s favorite team, so we have something in common. As far as I know there was no plaques dedicated to Gary either!

  7. Sunny Wishes She Was Shopping

    LOL! Cyclops and Baby Huey were 2 different guys. Both Gorges brothers own construction companies, so does Mike Kerns and Rob Stinnett, and the Vogel brothers, and JD Byington … Greg Fuchs is a Ranch Manager… Jeff Kerr moved to Canada to manage “Land & Resources” for Ontario… No one famous. Just a lot of guys that like to work with their hands. I can’t even remember all their designated names anymore. LOL

  8. Looks like nobody notable went to my school. Hmm, I wonder if that makes me the most famous alumnus … that’s a scary thought.

  9. Era

    No body’s even heard of my little high school!

  10. S. Le

    So to go to your school did one have to be “Plus sized?” (you know, Huskies?) *groan*

    Nobody famous or even quasi-famous was at school with me. Dawn Wells! Cool! That woman can really peel potatoes.


  11. My little ol high school in Tasmania isn’t in Wikipedia but there is a number of Murray High Schools in America so I went with the one in Utah & these were my results;
    * Britton Johnsen – NBA basketball player, Utah’s Mr. Basketball 1996-1997, & player for the Turkish club Galatasaray Cafe Crown.[13]
    * Mark Koncar – NFL player for the Green Bay Packers (retired)
    * David Archuleta – Runner-up on American Idol (season 7) [2]

    I’ve never heard of any of them… They mustn’t have taken the same classes as me.

  12. Before I reveal my hand, do we get any extra credit for actually KNOWING anyone on the list? LOL Here we go……

    Ken Berry: Actor (Captain Wilton Parmenter on F Troop and Vinton Harper on Mama’s Family.

    Donald K. Sundquist: former governor of Tennessee

    Jim Jamieson: professional golfer

    Tom Railsback: U.S. Congressman from 1967–83

    Steve Kuberski: professional basketball player, Boston Celtics

    Bonnie Bartlett: television and film actress

    Louis Bellson: Jazz Drummer

    Acie Earl: professional basketball player, Boston Celtics (I graduated with Acie and played basketball with him several times)

    Brad Hopkins: professional football player, Tennessee Titans (I graduated with Brad and didn’t play football with him because he would have killed me)

    Leon Roady: Inventor of Cobbin’ Corn’s mango popcorn.

  13. Yep….mango popcorn and WTF is RIGHT!

  14. Hmph! Wellllll OBVIOUSLY they’re too busy practicing the cult of catholicism at my old high school to update Wiki … it’s only about.. oh, 4 lines long??? LOL!!!

    But I DO know that Lisa Peluso, who used to be on some soap opera for awhile in the 80’s AND played John Travolta’s younger sister in Saturday Night Fever graduated from there..

    So I guess I fold! LOL

  15. Oh.. and my prom date had had a hemmoriod operation a few days before so he was laid out in the main lobby of the hotel in pain … !!

    I fold again

  16. He was actually a few years older then me .. and um.. well.. he was… errrrr… well, let’s just say he batted for the “other” team … So NO GARY!! I didn’t put my hand on it or kiss it and make it feel better … but he was cute as hell so I woulda if he wanted!! LOL … You know.. everything they say about us Catholic school girls is true!! LOL!!

  17. Tammy

    That’s interesting the woman who played Marianne when to your school. I loved Gilligan’s Island! I still remember the scene where Gilligan was sick and in bed in his hut, and Marianne fed him from the window with a spoon attached to a pole.

    No one famous went to my high school.

  18. How fun! Without looking, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tony Award Winning Actor and Writer of In The Heights. . We were both in class of ’98 at Hunter College High School and he’s really an awesome person besides being an amazing talent. I’ve met the great author Deborah Tannen and I’d love to meet Jennifer 8. Lee (NY Times writer and author) and Cynthia Nixon (Sex in the City).

  19. @ Gary: You went to school with Captain Parmenter. WOW!!!! AWESOME!!!! F-Troop was my favourite show when I was a kid

  20. No one famous went to my high school, but I did have a famous wrestler as our gym teacher and football coach. Fun post Jean!

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