All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

If Crunchy Betty jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?
No, but when Crunchy Betty puts food on her face, you want to follow suit!
The genius behind Crunchy Betty is brunette beauty, Leslie. Leslie woos us with succulent photos, fascinating facts, and the benefits of bypassing our mouths and smearing food directly onto our skin.
Now before you peel that banana and do a face plant, I recommend you check out her site for honest to goodness recipes.
The glistening goo on my face is equal parts honey and almond oil with a droplet of Vitamin E oil. After rinsing, I glowed like a nubile virgin. My goopy face is now on display at the Gallery of Crunchy Betties.
Get your cameras ready and head to your kitchen or pantry.
• What food will you put on your face?
• Is that your head next to mine in the gallery?


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30 responses to “All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

  1. Lynn

    i wanna glow like a nubile virgin too!! i love anything that keeps me from spending too much money on beauty products, they’re so damn expensive and probably don’t work as well either!

  2. Sunny Wishes She Were Shopping

    You had me with the “nubile virgin” comment! LOL OK. I’ll give it a try!

  3. Um.. hmm…

    Okay, I was going to say something completely left of center but even “I” know where to draw the line!! LOL

  4. lol 🙂 I think one should do whatever works. lol I do not know what I would try these days. I put mayo in my hair…back in the day. lol 🙂 I love your photo. 🙂 Have fun and do not eat the food for your face. lol 🙂

  5. I love it! I haven’t tried that one yet, it sounds wonderful. It’s nice to find camaraderie in my crushes. 🙂

  6. if I’m going to mess with edible goodies, I’m going to eat them, not smear them on my face 🙂

  7. I will put chocolate in my face food hole & eat it & enjoy every last bit of it

  8. Joy

    LOL!! Sure, I’ll try it. I don’t know with what yet and no, I’m not in the gallery next to you…….YET!

  9. I read that fresh squeezed lemon juice is great for pores. Yogurt is also great as a face mask. I’ve yet to try both! I’m going to check out Crunchy Betty’s site! lol @ Crunchy Betty 😉

    • I was JUST at Crunchy Betty’s, and she mentioned lemons and yogurt tonight! You already know more than me. 🙂

      • I know I just left there and was reading that too! I’ve done research on it before. I used to be a beauty consultant…but not very long. I sold BeautiControl. lol… But lately I’ve had pore problems so I was doing some reasearch and came across an article on lemons and how they shrink pores.

  10. My friend Brooke does these recipes too and they are really cool. I don’t know if I can do it though. Something about it freaks me out. I guess I’m afraid of doing something to cause a monster zit reaction. LOL! (be my luck!)

  11. You look great! I would totally put whipped cream on my face.

  12. Please take a pic. when you do, Kristin!

  13. I’m jealous. You look serene in your food face photo. I look like I am about to be locked in in an asylum!

  14. S. Le

    If my skin could look like yours I’d put anything on my face!

    Crunchy Betty’s an interesting site!

    Fun video of you in your sidebar!

  15. OMG, how did you manage this? I can’t even stand the texture of crumbs on my face (around my mouth), so not sure I could do honey. 🙂 I’m always up for beauty tips though. Thanks for this! We’ll see if I can muster the courage. LOL. ~Sarah (

    • LOL, Sarah! It really was a unique feeling, like my face was consistently wet. Then, after rinsing, it just kept GLOWING. Crunchy Betty has some great ideas. When I look at fruit now, I wonder whether to wear it or eat it.

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