Enrique, Put Your Pants On

Did you hear? Enrique Iglesias threatened… offered… Which is it? Threatened or offered? … To waterski naked if Spain won the World Cup.
Personally, I’d use it as a threat. Kids, do your homework or your father and I will waterski naked!
While researching this subject, I found some other nude sports. Are you ready for this? Nude rock climbing. Go ahead. Let that visual sink in. I don’t care how much I love you. I do not want to follow your naked butt up a rock obstacle course.
Nude limbo. Really? Why don’t you just accompany me to my next OBGYN appointment.
Nude camping. Also known as mosquito smorgasbord.
Some activities I would do in the buff include:
• blogging (I may already have)
• bathing (Really went out on a limb there)
• sleeping
• gardening (Kidding! Just seeing if you’re awake.)
If you’re here to see the exclusive Enrique naked waterskiing video, take a peek before TMZ plasters their logo all over it.

Lucky us.

1) If Enrique does waterski naked, will you watch?
2) Besides the obvious, would you partake in any nude activities?



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43 responses to “Enrique, Put Your Pants On

  1. Thanks for making me snort while laughing, :+) Now I’m just smiling, that’s a good thing for a Tuesday. Let see Enrique well, I might take a quick glance. After your list of nude activities I can’t think of a sporting event that I would like to do ala nude. Maybe swimming at night. The water would have to be warm. Always an exception to most rules.

  2. OMG this is hilarious. Thanks for stopping by my blog a few times, Jean. I have been meaning to come over here and am glad I did. You crack me up! I would definitely like to see Enrique waterski naked. HELLO!?

    But I’m not much of a nudist, myself. 🙂

  3. This is tooo crazy. 🙂 What some people will do if they are allowed toi do it. lol I love it. More power to him. lol 🙂 I would NEVER do such a thing. lol 🙂 I am way tooo shy. lol 🙂 Now, if someone offered me a million dollars….I would have to sleep on it. lol 🙂

  4. Joy

    Oh god Jean, you made me laugh so hard I snorted! LMAO!! I love your sense of ha-ha.

    I might peek really quick and I’m with Starla. Maybe a moonlight dip in the lake.

  5. Sunny Wishes She Were Shopping

    LOL!!! C’mon, you haven’t tried naked gardening? LOL!! Your blogs kill me! This is too funny. 🙂

  6. Have to admit, would have to take a peek 🙂
    btw, you sure do JLo so so well
    and thanx for stopping by my blog … wasn’t sure if I would offend the right wing or the religious but it was typed up there before I knew it 🙂

    • Thank you, Nicole! I admit, I borrowed her dress and her assets. LOL!
      It was my pleasure to swing by your blog! Thank you for visiting mine as well.
      I’ll be sure to BFF you at BlogFrog so I can continue to catch your latest posts.

  7. I would watch Enrique do anything… doing it naked is just an extra added bonus!

    As of late, the only thing I like to do nude is shower. I need to lose this extra 10 lbs I’ve been carrying around. I bought a bike to speed things up so to speak…maybe when that happen I’ll bicycle nude to celebrate 😉

  8. My one experience with water skiing had me eating the lake pretty quick. It was kinda painful. If he has a fall, well there won’t be much to look it. HA!

    I think I’d prefer some of those soccer players in the nude. YEAH!!! 😀

    I am rarely nude since I tend to scare my self walking by mirrors. Ahhhh!!!

  9. Spain won, right? Now I’m wishing Paz Vega or Penelope Cruz had made this wager instead of Enrique …

  10. Gag! Why on earth would we want to watch him water ski nude? And the rock climbing? Who wants all those cuts and scratches? It’s time for people to just Put Their Clothes On! Although I am in favor of nude bathing. It just seems to be more efficient that way.

  11. Too funny! And no, not sure I want to see that. I’ll stick to watching naked rugby, thanks!

  12. Lynn

    well i’d definitely like to see him in the buff but waterskiing?? i dunno. i probably wouldn’t partake in any sports in which i had to be nude but i was asked once by a museum curator if i was interested in doing some nude modeling. (true) i chickened out!

  13. Am I the ONLY one who wants to see him water ski naked??? Am I suppose to feel dirty because.. um.. I don’t!!!


    I actually met him years and years ago when he released him first CD and then again about 4 years ago and honestly, he’s a dream. He has such a great personality and was really down to earth..

    • Leese, I watched hubby waterski today, and Enrique is in for some punishment! Bwahahahahahaha!
      Does he really have chicken legs? LOL!
      You have met him TWICE?! What on earth are you doing to get so lucky?

      • Unfortunately, yes.. he definitely has chicken legs .. First time I met him was in New York when he was filming the second (I think) video from his debut album .. I was with my crazy Puerto Rican friend who wanted to score handbags on Canal Street ( .. a whole other story there!)
        The second time was after the “Hero” song became big.. his driver locked the keys in their SUV and my ex, The Spawn From Satan’s Ass was a locksmith who had an in with the police so they called him and I went with and there’s the story .. we were there for over an hour and he was soooooo sweet and funny and OMG!! I think I’m going to have a naughty dream tonight!!! LOL

  14. Bag Lady

    Nude water skiing, Enrique-style? Not interested.

    My own nude activities? Hmmmm…

    Nude cooking? Could be a burning precursor to plastic surgery, so probably not.

    Nude jogging? People would attempt to shoot at the white whale bouncing down the street. Bad idea.

    Nude cleaning? Well, I’ve cleaned my shower naked. But mostly cuz I then take a shower, so it probably only half counts.

  15. Just curious but how tall are your fences and what type are they? Mmmmmm I used to sleep in the buff right up until the kids came along but now wear boxers not out of modesty but I just could not afford the therapy sessions.

  16. How about nude Thanksgiving? You could literally see tummies, chins and asses getting fatter, hee hee hee!

  17. 1 no i wouldn’t watch. lol
    Please don’t make me watch.
    2 i sometimes cook at home naked. lol

  18. your post is freaking funny,
    Happy Sunday!
    How are you?

  19. What about Nude Scooter Riding
    Although I will never try this myself…

  20. I’m not sure that was well thought out:)
    It hurts just to fall on that water, even with a layer or two of clothing! Crap, the first time I learned I promptly put on cut-offs over my suit!
    Those soccer fans are NUTS! LOL
    Hi Jeaner

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