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Enrique, Put Your Pants On

Did you hear? Enrique Iglesias threatened… offered… Which is it? Threatened or offered? … To waterski naked if Spain won the World Cup.
Personally, I’d use it as a threat. Kids, do your homework or your father and I will waterski naked!
While researching this subject, I found some other nude sports. Are you ready for this? Nude rock climbing. Go ahead. Let that visual sink in. I don’t care how much I love you. I do not want to follow your naked butt up a rock obstacle course.
Nude limbo. Really? Why don’t you just accompany me to my next OBGYN appointment.
Nude camping. Also known as mosquito smorgasbord.
Some activities I would do in the buff include:
• blogging (I may already have)
• bathing (Really went out on a limb there)
• sleeping
• gardening (Kidding! Just seeing if you’re awake.)
If you’re here to see the exclusive Enrique naked waterskiing video, take a peek before TMZ plasters their logo all over it.

Lucky us.

1) If Enrique does waterski naked, will you watch?
2) Besides the obvious, would you partake in any nude activities?


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Brett Favre’s Doppelgänger

Did you know Brett Favre is a grocery store checker in my town? I had to sneak this picture of him at Smith’s. I don’t really like Brett, so I don’t get in his lane. I’m sure he’s accurate, and cool under pressure, but he’s too fickle. I heard he worked at Safeway last year, but he retired. They must be really angry about him working for the competition.

• Do any celebs (or look-alikes) work in your town?
• Does this guy look like Brett, or am I off my rocker?
• Have you ever tried to sneak a photo of someone?

If you’d like to easily “Polaroid” your photos, try Instantizer.com. Photo links are available for 24 hours, so I would suggest you take a screenshot. Mac users: Shift + Apple + 4. PC users: Alt + Print Screen. Open in Paint. Directions here.

Update: Here is a side-by-side comparison shot.


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